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We treat chronic, congenital and genetic diseases.

"AVI Homeopathic Clinic" is one of the renowned and best homeopathic clinic in Jaipur providing effective homeopathic treatment. AVI Homeopathic Hospital & Research Center is a reputed name that has been serving the people with its top-notch treatments services that can put an end to patients overall health problems by working with team of best homeopathy doctor in Jaipur. We are always committed to providing satisfactory & effective treatment to the patients and also offer online homeopathy consultancy for distant patients.

 We at AVI homeopathy aims at practicing evidence-based homeopathy and strives hard to provide patients with an affordable and effective remedy. We are well known for best homeopathy doctor for asthma, homeopathy doctor for skin allergy and diseases, homeopathy doctor for PCOD, respiratory disease, migraine, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, sciatica, slip disc, backache, arthritis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, adenoids, impotency, sterility, menstrual disorder, leucorrhoea, fibroid in uterus and more. Our efficient team of experienced doctors opts for the best approach to cure chronic disease and ensure great relief while eliminating the root cause of the medical condition.

Our experts account the holistic approach towards the patient and utilize the best approach to manage and cure the medical condition. Homeopathic remedies help to stimulate the body’s natural and self-healing power to repair and regenerate itself.  

We are always committed for satisfactory & effective treatment.

                                                                  We Treat Child Diseases Efficiently

About Founder

Dr Ashok Choudhary is the founder of the AVI Homeopathic Hospital, Jaipur. He is one of the most renowned and reputed Homeopathic Hospitals in India. Dr. Choudhary founded this hospital with the prime aim of helping mankind suffering from chronic and so-called incurable diseases. He is skilled in the field of Homeopathy and is expert in treating chronic, congenital and genetic diseases. The philanthropic attitude makes Dr Choudhary a great human being. He started his career as Homeopathic practitioner in year 2000, after completing his graduation from renowned University of Rajasthan....Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

The pace of action of homeopathic medicines depends upon many factors. If the disease is of recent origin, the cure should be achieved within a short period. In such cases, if the selection of the medicine, its potency and repetition schedules are correct, then homeopathic medicines also work quickly. In chronic cases, it takes more time for complete cure. Homeopathic medicines, if correctly chosen, will never palliate the disease, rather it eradicates the disease permanently and completely, for which it is quite natural that more time is required. Moreover, the duration of treatment is likely to be prolonged if there is negligence on the part of the patient in controlling his diet and habits, etc.
After taking Homeopathy medicines, the patient’s complaint sometimes may aggravate in certain rare conditions. Firstly, if the patient has taken non-homeopathic medicines (prior to the administration of homeopathic medicines), then those medicines might have suppressed the ailments and after application of homeopathic medicines, some of those suppressed complaints may reappear. In such case, the patient blames homeopathy for such aggravation. Secondly, when the homeopathic medicines rightly chosen for a patient, is employed in slightly higher potency (than required), or the patient is basically hypersensitive, then there may occur a transient intensification of the existing symptoms of the patient (Homoeopathy aggravation). But this aggravated condition does not persist for a long time and is followed by cure.
It is not true that onion, garlic, tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, perfumes etc. are prohibited under homeopathic treatment. But, the substances which may antidote the effects of a particular medicine should be stopped. For example, tea and raw onion may neutralize the actions of Thuja occ., Coffee affects while taking Psorinum and use of camphor is contra-indicated for most of the homeopathic medicines. So, these items are to be prohibited during use of the respective medicines. But, it goes without saying that homeopathic medicines would act better in those patients who are non-addicts and when taken in clean mouth, without the influence of any strong-smelling substance.
Homeopathic medicines have no side effects. The term side affects? Of a medicine comes from modern pharmacology. These drugs are aimed at certain area(s) of the body, such as the cardiovascular system, the gut, the kidneys, etc. Though they have a primary area of action, they also affect other areas of the body. If these other effects are undesirable, they are known as adverse side effects. Homeopathic medicines are not employed against any particular system or organ of the body. Rather, the homeopathic remedy is chosen on the basis of the totality of symptoms of the patient and targets the patients as a whole. Side effects, such as tissue destruction, do not occur under homeopathy treatment.
There are no expiry dates of homeopathic medicines. But the medicated globules may be rejected when their white colour changes. In case of liquid form, if there is change in colour or sediments are detected, then the medicine should also be discarded. Freshly prepared homeopathic medicines, in alcohol, have strong smell which gradually diminishes with passage of time. But some patients attribute it to be diminution of their efficacy and do not like to continue those odourless medicines. This is a wrong notion, because the quality of the medicines, existing in dynamic form, remains unaltered. However, it is advisable to store Homoeopathic medicines in a dry cool, covered place away from strong sunlight and strong smelling substances.
Like any other system of medicine, homeopathy has its own limitations. By homeopathy, any ailment-acute or chronic, local or general can be treated except the diseases where surgery is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, some so-called surgical diseases can also be treated by homeopathy, like enlarged tonsils, nasal polyps, kidney stones, warts, piles, anal fissure/fistula, tumors of uterus, ovary, breast, etc.

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Dr. Choudhary is the Best Homeopathy Doctor in Jaipur, India who treats the patients suffering from chronic, genetic and so called incurable diseases. In treating the children Dr. Choudhary strictly follows the cardinal principles of homeopathy and gets the best results. To find out the similimum homeopathic medicine Dr. Choudhary thoroughly takes the case taking which may take a long time. In many genetic diseases, it is not possible to cure the disease from root but the quality of life of suffering patient can be improved so that he can lead a better life.