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Every child is different, and every child is genius in his or her own respect, but there is a range of standard time defined for some milestones in life, which if not reached in time, may point out towards some pathology or medical condition.

All children reach the milestones at different paces in their lives, some tend to grow faster and more, while others tend to grow slowly. It is possible that two siblings in the same family may grow at different paces, attain their milestones at different ages. For reaching every milestone in life, there is a range of standard time defined, slight delays are normal, but if the child regularly faces delay in reaching milestones on time, it is likely that the child may have to face some physical challenges in future life.

There can be different types of delays, depending upon the type of milestone the child needs to reach. Some of the different types of delayed milestones are discussed below-

  1. Developmental delay– When a child has delay in learning language, ability to think, and delay in social and motor skills, they are grouped under developmental delays. These can be caused due to various factors, like hereditary, complications during pregnancy, and premature birth. But in most of the cases the exact cause of developmental delay is not known. It is difficult for the parents to actually diagnose developmental delays, so it is advised for regular checkups of your young ones so that if any delays are there, proper therapies and medications can be given on-time.

  2. Fine and gross motor skill delay– All children grow with their own pace, but generally all children should be able to hold their head by 3 months of age, able to sit with little support by the age of 6 months and be able to walk before their second birthday. By the age of 5, children should be able to stand on their one foot for 10 seconds or more and properly use spoon and fork to eat. Fine motor skill includes movements of hands like holding a toy or crayons. While gross motor skill includes larger movements like jumping, climbing stairs, or throwing a ball.

Some signs that may show that your child is delayed in developing fine or gross motor skills include signs like, floppy trunk and limbs, stiffness in arms and legs, limited movement of arms and legs, difficulty in sitting without support, even after 9 months of age, dominance of involuntary reflexes over voluntary movements, inability to stand on legs by about 1 years of age. It is not necessary that these signs point out towards any abnormalities, but why to take risk, it is always better to consult a doctor and get your child evaluated.

3. Speech and language delay– It is said that the first 3 years of life is most important for learning speech and languages. The process of communicating begins from infancy only when the baby learns to convey his or her hunger by crying. By 6 months, infants can very well recognise the sounds of basic language. By 12-15 months, they should be able to communicate with two three simple words, though they might not be very clear.

A toddler can speak many words by the age of 18 months. Till they reach 3 years of age, most of them can make brief sentences to express themselves.  

The parents need to understand that speech delays and language delays are different things. While making a speech we require to use our vocal tract, tongue, lips, and jaws to make sound. Speech delay means that the child is not able to speak that many words that a child of that certain age require to speak. While in language delay the child finds it difficult to understand what the others are saying, and do not understand what he should speak to express himself. A language includes, speech, gesturing, signing and writing.

It is difficult to diagnose and differentiate speech and language delays. Moreover, these delays can be as a result of poor hearing, so it is important to get diagnosed from the doctor, if such symptoms are observed. Early diagnosis in such cases can be a very helpful in deciding the prognosis of the case.

Homeopathy can be a great help in delayed milestones

Homeopathy is safe, gentle, effective and natural or best way Homeopathic treatment for delayed milestones for children. Homeopathy can provide a very effective treatment and management in cases of delayed milestones, with therapies as a supportive treatment. You can choose homeopathy from the beginning of life of your little one. It is easy to consume, rapid in action and naturally cures and strengthen their body from within.

If you think that your child is not thriving and growing well as he should be, consult a homeopathic doctor for proper case taking and finding out an individualised medicine for your child, which can not only cure the underlying cause, but also strengthen and stimulate the inner powers of the body to itself come in the natural state of health and achieve timely developments.

Some of the most frequently used homeopathic medicines for helping child reach his milestones on time are-

  1. Calcarea carb– This is the top rated medicine for developmental delays. The children requiring this medicine are mostly fatty, flair and flabby in constitution. Children are slow in learning to walk and have delayed dentition. The child can be sluggish and lethargic, with open fontanelles, and its delayed closure, especially the anterior fontanelle. Children also sweat excessively on their head, neck and chest.
  2. Calcarea phos– It is very good medicine for treating slow mental and physical growth. Children who need this remedy are delicate, thin, emaciated, with very slow growth. These children are very late in learning to walk and talk, with delayed closure of posterior fontanelles.
  3. Baryta carb– This is another gem in homeopathy for developmental delays. The child is dwarfish, challenged both mentally and physically. Children are slow learners for speech and walking, and are very dull. It is also a very good medicine for developmental delays caused due to trauma or vaccination. This medicine is also prescribed for children who face developmental delays due to chronic tonsillitis attacks. Child needing this remedy usually presents with profuse and offensive sweat, mainly on the feet.
  4. Tuberculinum and carcinocin- Tuberculinum is best suited for children who are weak, emaciated and mentally deficient. They are slow learners with speech delay. Children needing carcinocin have very low immunity and suffer frequent infections. It is also prescribed on children who are autistic, along with developmental delays.

For proper homeopathic treatment you need to consult a specialized homeopathic doctor and give thorough case of your child in detail. AviHomeopathy provides you homeopathic specialized doctors at home only. After registering on the portal you can book an appointment with the homeopathic doctor of your choice and take expert advice and consultation.

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