What are tonsils?

Tonsils are the pair of lymph nodes located on the back of the throat, one on each side. Tonsils are part of the body’s defence mechanism and have a function in preventing infections. They form the first line of defence for protection and thus remain vulnerable to infections, however, tonsil’s function decline after puberty, which is why adults have low cases of tonsillitis.

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What is tonsillitis?

Inflammation of tonsils due to any infection is called tonsillitis. As we have discussed that tonsils function declines after puberty, the cases of tonsillitis are more common in childhood, though it can happen at any age. Tonsillitis is a contagious condition and is most commonly caused due to viral and bacterial infections.

Sign and symptoms of tonsillitis

The most common sign and symptoms of tonsillitis may include-

Red, inflamed tonsils
Sore throat,
Difficulty in swallowing,
Tender lymph nodes,
White or yellow coating on tonsils,
Bad breath,
Stiff neck,
Headache, etc.

Tonsillitis can happen to small children also who are unable to describe their symptoms. They may show signs like-

Refusal to eat,
Irritable and fussy behavior,
Drooling of saliva
Painful or difficult swallowing.

Types of tonsillitis

There are three kinds of tonsillitis- acute, chronic and recurrent.
Acute tonsillitis– Acute tonsillitis is more common among children. The symptoms of acute tonsillitis usually last for less than 10 days. The symptoms mostly subside on their own and in a maximum number of cases do not require any treatment.
Chronic tonsillitis- Tonsillitis is diagnosed as Chronic tonsillitis if the symptoms like sore throat, bad breath, tenderness in the tonsils remain for a longer period. If the symptoms remain for long, there can sometimes be deposition of dead cells, saliva and food together in the tonsils, which harden to form small stones in the tonsils.

Recurrent tonsillitis– Tonsillitis is said to be recurrent if it happens at least 5-7 times in a year, or has occurrences of at least 5 episodes in the previous 2 years, or of at least 3 episodes in the last 3 years.


Though there are not very serious complications recorded for tonsillitis, yet if the symptoms of tonsillitis are left untreated in children, it may lead to complications like-

Difficulty in breathing during sleep
Infections may go deep into tissues or cause a peritonsillar abscess.

Acute tonsillitis as we discussed are mostly healed on its own, but if required, home remedies can be very useful to subside the symptoms in a few days by itself. Chronic and recurrent tonsillitis have more serious and long term symptoms that may require proper medical intervention to cure.

The conventional system of medicine has tonsillectomy as the only treatment if they are not recovered by antibiotics.

Homoeopathic treatment for tonsillitis can be considered the best and most effective mode of treatment for tonsillitis. Homoeopathic remedy for tonsillitis can not only cure the cases of tonsillitis in the most gentle, safe and rapid way but also save you from the hazards of heavy antibiotics and violent treatments, like surgery.

Tonsillitis in children most of the time results from weakened immunity and increased susceptibility of the children towards various infections. Homoeopathic medicine for tonsillitis not only treat the symptoms of tonsillitis but also help in boosting up the immunity of the body, which also, in turn, reduces the susceptibility towards various infections.

Homeopathic treatment for tonsillitis is the only way by which children can get a permanent cure for this problem. Homoeopathy goes deep enough to cure the root cause of the disease and prevent its recurrences in the future.

Symptoms of acute tonsillitis most often go away on their own, but if still medical intervention is needed, homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis on a therapeutic basis can be enough to cure the case. Chronic tonsillitis or recurrent tonsillitis may need an individualized tonsillitis homeopathic medicine to cure the case. Homoeopathic doctors for tonsillitis will do an elaborate and detailed case taking to find out the personalized homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis for the patient. Remedies chosen on this basis are efficient to cure most chronic and difficult cases.

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