What is Myopathy?

Myopathy refers to the disorder of skeletal muscles, in which the abnormal muscle cell structure and metabolism do not allow them to function properly, resulting into weakness and dysfunction of the muscle fibres.

There may be various aetiologies for the condition, like genetic, congenital, idiopathic, metabolic, endocrine, inflammatory, drug induced, etc. If the cardiac muscles get involved pathologically, it may lead to hypertrophic or dilated cardiomyopathy.

Homeopathy works wonderfully in myopathies. To get the best results one should consult the homeopathy specialist doctor as soon as he is diagnosed with the disease.

Types and Causes

On the basis of pattern of muscle weakness and absence or presence of family history, myopathy may be divided into two broad categories: inherited and acquired

If the disease has an early onset and longer duration it suggests that it is inherited type, while, if it has a sudden and subacute onset at a later age, it is more likely to be an acquired one.

Myopathies may be the result of various conditions, including:

  • Some medications, which damage muscle fibres like the cholesterol lowering drugs
  • Toxic effects of excessive alcohol consumption
  • Myopathies like dermatomyositis and polymyositis which are due to overreactive immune system
  • It may be genetic as in inherited type of myopathies
  • Some underlying medical conditions like thyroid disorders may also lead to myopathy.


The most common presenting symptom of myopathy is weakness of muscles, which mostly affects the proximal muscles. This means that the muscles of the upper arms and legs are more affected than any other muscle. Other than than cramps, myalgias, and external fatigue are common symptoms that may be associated with myopathy.

Most patients present with symptom like difficulty from getting up from a chair, climbing stairs, or washing clothes and doing combing. Myopathies may even affect respiratory muscles and make breathing difficult.

People who suffer from myopathy for a long period may start muscular dystrophy, meaning wasting of muscles due to weakening of the muscles. This may eventually lead to distortion in the shape of the bones.


Generally myopathies are difficult to diagnose. Doctors may have to do a thorough physical examination including skin, reflexes, sensation, muscles strength and balance to evaluate if any myopathy is present. Along with that doctor will carefully interrogate about the history of the disease and patients family to rule out any genetic correlation.

Doctor may advice to go for many laboratory examinations and testings to confirm the diagnosis, depending upon patients medical history and physical examination. These tests may include blood tests like complete blood count, erythrocytes sedimentation rate, antinuclear antibody tests, electrolytes, etc, to know if any infection or inflammation is present.

Electromyography may also be advised to the patient, which is an electric test to asses the functioning of the muscles. If doctor feels important, he may sometimes suggest patient to go for highly specialised tests like muscle biopsy and genetic testing to confirm certain diseases.


There is no specific treatment present in any kind of system of medicine. The progress of any kind of myopathy depends upon its aetiology. Some might have slow progression and mild symptoms, while others may have very severe symptoms with sudden weakness and debility. Whatever might be the reason or presentation, muscular dystrophies can only be managed, as complete cure of the disease is not possible.

Homeopathic Treatment for Myopathy

Homeopathy provides excellent help in cases of myopathies. Though the condition is often incurable, homeopathic medicines can very well reduce the progress of disease and  prevent wasting. The soon one consults the homeopathy specialist doctor for this condition, the more the chances of constraining the disease to less severe forms are increased.

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after detailed study of the physical, emotional and genetic makeup of the person. The medicines prescribed on the individual basis are very effective in controlling the disease.