Childhood Asthma (pediatric asthma) is a common serious disease in infants and children. It is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways that causes obstruction of airflow. Many children suffer from wheezing, coughing and rapid breathing, but only some grow out of it, resulting in many trips to hospital and missing more days of school. It isn’t different from asthma in adults, but children do face rare challenges. 

Boys are more likely to have asthma as compared to girls.
Childhood Asthma can cause troublesome daily symptoms that can hinder various activities of children in school such as playing sports, running, etc. and it may also cause disturbed sleep. If asthma is not managed on time, then it may cause dangerous asthma attack. With right treatment and management, the symptoms can be controlled and child can be prevented from further damage.


  • Trouble in sleeping due to coughing, short breathing.
  • Tight feeling in chest, chest Pain.
  • Frequent colds.
  • Chronic cough, frequent coughing spells.
  • Feeling weakness or tiredness.
  • Wheezing or whistling sound, while breathing.
  • Reduced energy.

Asthma symptoms may get worse by certain events

  • Changes in weather.
  • Excessive physical activity or exercise.
  • Cold or Respiratory Infection.
  • Allergy causing agents like dust or pollen.
  • Strong Emotional reaction.


There are various factors that may cause asthma in children. Some of the most common causes are listed below:

  • Family history of asthma.
  • Exposure to smoke or air pollution, before and after birth.
  • Nasal allergies.
  • Low Birth Weight.
  • Growing in unhygienic areas or environment.
  • Respiratory Infection.

Homeopathy Medicine for Asthma

Homeopathy Medicine For Asthma

It is important that children with asthma get proper treatment. Treatment needs to be tailored for each child. Child will be given asthma medicines based on latest treatment guidelines. It can take some time to find right treatment for the child. Avoiding triggers through medicines and keeping an eye on daily asthma symptoms will help in controlling the symptoms.
Asthma treatment in homeopathy works effectively. Dr Choudhary’s homeopathy medicine for asthma gets wonderful results in treating childhood asthma. It is always safer to use Homeopathy in childhood asthma as it will not only cure the present asthma symptoms but will also increase the immunity of your children.

Dr Choudhary has cured enumerable children who were on kept on inhalers for long time by conventional system of medicine.