What is Down Syndrome?

It is also known as trisomy 21. Down syndrome results in intellectual & development delay in a child. It generally results where person has extra chromosomes.

AVI Homeopathy Hospital & Research Center is doing very well for the growth and development of each and every child. It is done by providing best and effective treatment on Down syndrome.


A. Short or very short neck, arms & legs
B. Facial features are distinctive mainly small ears or mouth, flat face and slanting eyes.
C. Loose joints

Homeopathic Treatment for Down syndrome

Down syndrome child has a wide range of physical as well as mental symptoms. Down syndrome child has delayed milestones. We at AVI primarily focuses on the overall health and development of a child with Down syndrome. Remedies in each case may vary as the case may demand a different prescription as Homeopathy has constitutional approach in treating the patient. The medicines have the ability to reduce the genetic effects on the overall growth and development of the overall growth of the child thereby rectifying delays in the child’s physical, intellectual and social development. Best results in homeopathy can be achieved with early age groups. Approach of Dr Choudhary in such cases is to minimize the physical and mental symptoms of such children so that they can live a quality life. Dr Choudhary strongly recommends homeopathy for these children as he has vast experience of handling such children.