Autism Homeopathy Medicine

What is Autism?

Autism or autism spectrum disorder(ASD), as the name suggests is a spectrum disorder that umbrellas a vast range of symptoms in which the people suffering from it have behavioural problems with difficulty in communication with others. Autism is influenced by genetic and environmental factors and can be of many types. Autistic individuals or children find it difficult to communicate with others and find great difficulty in expressing themselves through different gestures.

Being a spectrum disorder, children with autism may present with different types of symptoms and every patient may differ significantly from each other. Skill development in such children is found to be very uneven, like they may be bad at communicating, but very skilled in arts, music, maths, memory, etc.

The severity of symptoms differ greatly from person to person and the prognosis of the case largely depends upon how early it is diagnosed and the required treatment and therapies start. It has been reported that some people with ASD may require support and assistance in their day to day activities, while some may be able to lead a normal life without any help. There can even be cases where the person may require full-time care in facility centres.

Homoeopathy could prove to be the most effective and best option for the treatment of this disorder. Homoeopathic treatment for autism can be continued along with other therapies for faster and better results. AVI homoeopathy is one such platform where parents can get treatment from the best homoeopathic doctor for autism, sitting at home only.

Sign and symptoms of autism

Being spectrum disorder signs and symptoms of autism may vary greatly between individuals. Autism is mostly diagnosed before a child turns 3, though some children may show signs since birth only. Some of the common signs and symptoms of autism may include-

  • doing any activity over and over again
  • having an intense interest in anything
  • not paying heed to what others are saying
  • lack of eye contact while someone is talking
  • high sensitivity to sounds, touch, smell
  • reacting unsuitably to any ordinary scene
  • not looking at things when pointed
  • not liking to be loved and cuddled
  • problem in understanding gestures, facial expression
  • talking in a sing-song
  • flat or robotic voice
  • trouble in adapting to routine changes, etc.

Autism Homeopathy Medicine

Probable causes of autism

What exactly causes autism is still not known and remains a matter of research. It has been observed to happen in children of all races, ethnicity and social background. But there has been a common observation that boys are much more affected by this disorder as compared to girls.

Though not very sure, some of the probable causes of autism may include-

  • Genetic predisposition to it
  • It is seen to be more common in children of older parents and pregnant women who are known for taking certain medications, like anti-seizure medicines.
  • chances of birth of autistic child increase significantly if the lady who is pregnant consumes alcohol
  • children born to mothers who have other metabolic conditions like diabetes and obesity during pregnancy are also at higher risk of giving birth to an autistic child.
  • According to some researches autism is also linked to untreated phenylketonuria and German measles.


Autism Homeopathy Medicine

Homoeopathy is best known for the treatment of so-called mental and behavioural diseases. As we know autism is a spectrum disorder and every patient presents with unique peculiar symptoms that may differ from the rest of the patients, homeopathy can prove to be the best existing treatment for autism as Homeopathic treatment is carried out on the characteristic symptoms of the individual which are peculiar to that case or patient.

Homoeopathic treatment for autism is done by a personalised remedy that is specially chosen for every case after elaborate and careful case taking.

Homoeopathic treatment for autism can be best done with individualised remedy only, where the remedy is chosen not only considering the physical sign and symptoms of the child but is also thoroughly investigated for the mental and emotional aspects that distinguish him or her from others.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is an integral part of the treatment and should always be continued with the medication for best results.

Homoeopathic remedies for autism though chosen individually for the patients is best, yet some common groups of medicines are most often prescribed, like-

  1. Baryta carb– Children who need this remedy for treatment have weakness of memory and idiotic behaviour. The child is shy with low confidence. They have aversion to strangers and would hide behind chairs or mothers when they meet anyone. A child may be dwarf with stunted growth. They are sensitive to cold and tend to recurrent tonsillitis. This is a wonderful remedy for children who show mental and physical weakness with low IQ.
  2. Carcinocin– This is another very frequently used and effective autism homeopathy medicine. The child is mild, yielding and sensitive to reprimands. Unlike other remedies, hyperactivity is not very marked in carcinogen. The child is sensitive and affectionate and may show interest in drawing, colouring, singing, etc. In most cases, there is a family history of cancer or other diseases like diabetes and coronary artery disease in both maternal and paternal families.
  3. Hyoscyamus– A child requiring this remedy is very suspicious, jealous and foolish. The child is very talkative, obscene and has low muttering speech. The child has great hilarity and is inclined to laugh at almost everything. He has no love for near and dear ones and is quarrelsome. The child may tend to uncover himself and do purposeless movements.
  4. Lycopodium– This medicine is good for children who are obstinate, domineering and the ones who do not like to share anything. They have anticipatory anxiety, especially before appearing in public. They have a strong desire for sweets and warm foods and intolerance towards cold drinks. The lycopodium children are precocious, weak and emaciated. They are irritable with violent anger. These children normally have aversion to company but always need someone in the house.
  5. Tarantula– Children needing this remedy have marked hyperactivity and extreme restlessness. They have sudden mood changes and want to always remain in motion. It is the best homoeopathy medicine for autism where the child has destructive behaviour. The child has a special affection for bright colours, music and dance.

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