What is allergy?

This is a chronic condition where your body reacts in an abnormal way. This reaction to allergens is called as allergy. Allergens are normally the harmless substances but sometimes your body may face these reactions. Our immune system finds these allergens (invaders) and initiates a chain reaction. IgE antibodies are produced by WBCs. These antibodies release histamine (potent chemical) that can further cause symptoms like tearing eyes, runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, itching and so on.

People get affected by the allergic reaction that is triggered by allergens (dust, pollens and so on).  Allergy can be seasonal or perennial (can occur anytime, not season specific).

Seasonal allergy is season specific like Hay Fever is an allergic reaction that is triggered by pollens in spring season.

What are the main causes of allergy?

Sometimes your immune system by mistake identifies any harmless substance (food, mold, pollen, mites, and dust) as harmful for your body and initiates the reaction to get rid of them. This reaction is termed as allergic reaction. These substances that cause such reactions are commonly known as allergens. These allergens stimulate the white blood cells of the immune system to release histamine that may develop allergy symptoms like sneezing, vomiting, tearing eyes and much more.

Types of Allergy:

There are different allergies Allergy may exist in various different forms and few of the common allergies are –

  • Skin allergy
  • Dust allergy
  • Food Allergy
  • Eye Allergy
  • Pet Allergy
  • Insect Sting Allergy
  • Latex allergy
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Drug Allergies
  • Cockroach allergy
  • Sinus Infection
  • Mold Energy

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Allergy:

Most of the people suffer from allergic reactions but they can try the homeopathic medicines to get rid of those allergies. If you take proper homeopathic treatment diligently and regularly, then it may help in treating allergic issues:

  • Homeopathy medicines are available for those people who have been suffering from dust allergies, they can try.
  • These medicines are safe to use and prove effective against the allergic reaction due to shellfish.
  • If you have milk allergy, then homeopathic treatment can be quite effective.
  • Skin and nasal allergies can also be treated by using homeopathic approaches.
  • If you have itchy or dry skin, then homeopathy treatment can be blessing for you.
  • Sometimes people have to face allergic symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, burning sensation and running nose. Homeopathy can help treat all these allergic reactions.

The Homeopathic Treatment for Allergies by Dr. Ashok Choudhary

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is based on holistic approach. Allergies can be best treated by homeopathic treatment. Dr Ashok Choudhary is an independent homeopathy doctor who has got popularity due to his successful career and amazing treatment approaches towards various diseases. He has treated numerous patients and helped them get rid of allergic issues.