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Dr. Ashok Choudhary is the best homeopathic doctor in Jaipur, with vast experience of about 21 years in the treatment of various chronic, genetic and so-called incurable diseases. He is the founder and owner of AVI homeopathy. He is the best homeopathy doctor in Jaipur, as well as provides the best online homeopathic treatment services.

In today’s world of deception, it is difficult to find a genuine doctor who would really help you to get a permanent solution to your medical problems in a short time in a precise but efficient and satisfactory way. Dr. Ashok Choudhary has been consistently serving mankind with his selfless and efficient homeopathic treatment. People of all age groups have benefitted from his unique skill of getting into the root cause of the disease, which is very important for permanent cure.

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AVI homoeopathy is always committed for providing most satisfactory & effective homeopathic treatment to all its offline and online patients.

Best Homeopathic Doctor In Jaipur


In childhood asthma, the lungs and airways become easily inflamed when exposed to certain triggers, such as inhaling pollen or catching a cold or other respiratory infection. Childhood asthma can cause variable daily symptoms that interfere with study, play, school and sleep. If not managed properly asthma can cause dangerous asthmatic episodes. Fortunately Homeopathy can treat childhood asthma permanently.

Pediatrician Homeopathic

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is generally a childhood disease that makes the skin red and itchy. It's common in children but can occur at any age. Atopic Dermatitis may be accompanied by asthma or hay fever. Homeopathy can cure Atopic Dermatitis permanently. Homeopathy medicine and self-care measures, good hygiene, moistening skin with aloe vera gel and coconut oil can relieve itching and prevent new outbreaks.


Allergy Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is inflammation of the inside of the nose caused by an specific allergen, such as pollen, dust, mould or flakes of skin from certain animals. It's a very common condition, estimated to affect around 1 in every 6 people worldwide. It is an allergic reaction that causes group of symptoms like sneezing, congestion, itchy nose and sore throat.



Stuttering, also called stammering, is a speech disorder where an individual repeats or prolongs words, syllables, or phrases. A person with a stutter or stammer may also stop during the speech and may not make no sound for certain syllables. One may develops inferiority complex due to this. Homeopathy has many good medicines to cure stammering.

Best Homeopathic Doctor In Jaipur

Mental Retardness

MR is significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning accompanied by significant limitations in adaptive functioning in a least two of the following skills areas: communication, self-care, social skills, self-direction, academic skills, work, leisure. Homeopathy has good treatment for MR.

Best Homeopathic Doctor In Jaipur

Retarded Physical Growth

Retarded Physical Growth. When a child does not grow properly in height and weight in proportion to age. There may be a number of reasons when one does not grow properly. Proper treatment by Homeopathy medicines may help one to achieve appropriate development.

Service Recipient Says

Pankaj Singh Patient

I got wonderful results in my alopesia arita. I develop round hair loss spot on my head. I constaed dr choudhary at AVI Homeopathy. I started gatting result 1st feefteen days only. Thanks to Dr. Choudhary.

Jyoti Kar Patient

I was facing some skin pigmentation issue from last couple of years. I tried so many expensive dermatologist and result was nothing. I visited avi homeo clinic and treated for only 3 months. I see visible changes withing 15 days of medicine. I received the best treatment in very minimal charges 👍

Kali Charan Meena Patient

Homoeopathy is a miracle, if the treatment is provided by the best Doctor like Ashok sir. Half illness get cured when some one meet Dr. Ashok sir. Atmosphere is always very pleasant & calm in the Dr.'s cabin. If any body want to get rid of acute or any chronic disease.