Homeopathic Medicine For ADHD


What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome, commonly known as ADHD is a chronic mental health condition, in which a person remains abnormally hyperactive and is accompanied by impulsive behaviour. ADHD is one of the most common mental disorders faced by children from all over the world, which usually gets continued in adulthood also.

ADHD includes a combination of symptoms that may vary from person to person. Children may show symptoms like trouble in focusing, difficulty in sustaining attention on a single task, being still for a long period, hyperactivity, impulsive behaviour, low self-esteem, trouble in relationships, poor performance at work or school, etc.

Symptoms of ADHD may reduce in intensity with age, but it might be difficult to completely recover from it. Conventional behavioural therapies might prove very useful in these cases, but the prognosis and success usually vary from person to person and largely depends on how early the treatment is started. Homoeopathy can prove to be very successful and effective in these cases if continued along with other therapies.

Homeopathic Medicine For ADHD

Causes and risk factors

The exact cause of ADHD is still a matter of research. There are no studies to ascertain the causes of ADHD but factors like genetic makeup, environmental effects and problems in the central nervous system at important milestones of development might have a role in causing it.

Some of the possible risk factors may include-

  • Possibility increases if any of the blood relations like parents or any of the siblings suffer from ADHD or any other mental health-related problems
  • Exposure to environmental toxins like lead, which is found in paints and old pipes has been seen to play a part in causing it
  • Drug abuse, alcoholism or smoking during pregnancy
  • Premature birth

Doctors and researchers are still not very sure, how ADHD is caused, though it is one of the most common behavioural disorders among children. According to researches, the disorder is neurological, and having a family history of ADHD also has a big role in causing it.

Sign and symptoms of ADHD

Primary symptoms faced by children with ADHD are difficulty in being attentive, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour. However, the symptoms may vary individually and may range from mild, moderate to severe category. They usually start before the age of 12 and are sometimes diagnosed as early as 3 years of age. Boys are seen to be more prone to develop this disorder as compared to girls and may show different behavioural patterns.

Though the symptoms have a vast range, some of the common signs and symptoms may include-

  • Difficulty in concentrating and focusing on a single task
  • Forgetting about completing the given task
  • Easily distracted
  • Finding it difficult to sit still
  • Keep on interrupting people, while they are talking

In almost 60% of the cases, this disorder is continued in adulthood, but usually with milder forms of symptoms. People with persistent symptoms of ADHD might face difficulty in managing time, may forget things, and impulsive and impatient behaviour might cause problems at work, home and other relationships.

Children with ADHD usually face problems at school. Children find it difficult to adjust to the controlled environment of classrooms. Boys are more affected than girls and exhibit more hyperactivity. On the other hand, girls who are affected may frequently do daydreaming and be more talkative, rather than being hyperactive.

Homeopathic Medicine for ADHD

Homoeopathy treatment for ADHD can be the best alternative treatment along with conventional therapies. As discussed earlier, the prognosis and extent of recovery depend largely on how early the disorder is diagnosed, and the treatment is started. Along with homoeopathic medicines, behavioural therapy should be continued for fast and better treatment.

Homoeopathic medicine for ADHD is given based on the emotional and mental aspects of the patient. The elaborate case taking in homoeopathy aims at finding out the hidden causative factors for the condition so that the remedy can be chosen individually for the patient to work on the root cause of the problem.

In homoeopathic case taking, mental and emotional symptoms of the patient are given the highest preference and weightage for the selection of individualised remedies. This makes homoeopathy the best and most effective mode of treatment in any kind of mental and emotional trouble.

Individualized homoeopathic medicines are chosen personally for every patient, keeping in view his characteristic, peculiar symptoms, along with general symptoms, like his likes and dislikes, his disposition, temperament, individual susceptibilities, etc.

Though homoeopathic medicine for ADHD is chosen individually for every patient, some of the frequently prescribed medicines include-

  1. Baryta carb– Being one of the most frequently prescribed remedies for ADHD, it works best in children who have difficulty concentrating. Children are not able to pay attention while reading and learning their lessons so have a problem in memorising lessons, hence get low grades.
  2. Lycopodium– This is another gem in homoeopathy used for ADHD. Children find difficulty in concentrating during reading and while having a conversation. They may also remain confused and show traits of low self-confidence.
  3. Tarantula hispanica- This remedy is often used in children who are hyperactive and show restlessness with impatience.
  4. Hyoscyamus Niger– This homoeopathic medicine is suitable in cases who are hyper impulsive, with a desire to strike and bite.
  5. Tuberculinum bovine– This remedy is indicated in children with hyperactivity with an impulse to run away. Children needing this remedy get fits of anger outbursts with screaming and a tendency towards throwing things at
  6. Chamomilla– This remedy again is useful in treating anger outbursts in children. Indications for chamomilla also indicate symptoms like irritability and cross behaviour in children.

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