Delayed milestone is condition where the specific child is delayed in attaining the require age-appropriate milestone in specific domain beyond the standard deviation. As for example if a child is 12 months old and he has not achieved the sitting balance, then the child is considered as a case of delayed milestone. If a child is slightly or only temporarily lagging behind his age appropriate milestones, that is not called developmental delay.


According to WHO about 5% of children under 14 years of age have some type of developmental delay. In India the prevalence of developmental delay under 2 years is approximately 2%.

In some condition like: cerebral palsy, down syndrome, ADHD, Infantile spasm delayed milestone is common. If you suspect there is developmental delay in your child, please consult to your doctor immediately.

Signs & Symptoms of delayed milestone:

There are different types of possible developmental delay in babies; speech, vision, and motor skills are few of them. The following are the warning signs for different types of developmental delays in children from newborn to two year old.

  • Language and speech: these are very common in babies. Even they are the most common form of developmental delay. If you suspect your baby has a language delay, here are some signs to watch out for: does not attempt to imitate sounds by 4 months, does not respond to sounds at all by 7 months, does not use any single words by age 1.
  • Movement: some signs for motor skill or movement delay are- baby does not reach or grasp objects by 3-4 months old, does not roll over in either direction by 5 months, does not crawl or cannot stand while being supported by age 1.
  • Vision: if the baby is having vision delay the probable signs are: does not notice hands by 2 months, does not follow moving objects by 3 months, experience constant tearing of eyes by 6 months.
  • Social or emotional: A social or emotional delay causes problems with your child’s ability to interact with adults or other children. These problems will likely appear before your child starts school.

Homeopathic Treatment for Delayed Milestones

The homeopathic system of medicine is highly safe and effective in treating diseases affecting children, including delayed milestone. Homeopathic medicines for developmental delay are natural and therefore, free from side-effects. At AVI Homeopathic Hospital & Clinic medicines selected as per constitutional symptoms help overcome developmental delay to a large extent to aid normal development of the child. Homeopathic medicines for delayed milestone are selected after taking into account the smallest detail of the case.