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Coeliac disease or coeliac sprue is medically known as gluten sensitive enteropathy. As the name suggests it is a medical condition in which body’s immune system becomes sensitive towards gluten. Now the question arises that what is gluten? Glutenis a type of protein present in grains like wheat, barley and rye. When gluten enters the body of people who are sensitive to it, an allergic immune response is triggered, that results in destruction of inner lining of small intestines. Immediately the person may not get severe symptoms, but in long run, due to regular loss of inner lining of small intestine it eventually leads to malabsorption of other important nutrients which are important for the body, that may severely deteriorate the health of the person. In children, this condition can cause very adverse affects on their growth and development, other than the symptoms that are common in adults.

Homeopathy has a different approach in these kinds of autoimmune disorders. Homeopathic treatment for coeliac disease act on the root cause of the disease, and help in decreasing the sensitivity of the body towards the allergen. AVI Homeopathy is the best virtual homeopathic clinic, that specialises in the treatment of all child related disorders. Dr. Ashok Choudhary on AVI homeopathy is the best child homeopathic doctor, who has vast experience in treatment of such allergic diseases.


It is still a matter of research that why some people develop gluten sensitivity, that lead to coeliac disease. Though now it is a well known fact that the symptoms are produced due to over sensitiveness of the immune response of the body towards gluten. So, the people who are known to have coeliac disease are strictly advised to avoid foods that contain gluten.

People with coeliac disease should avoid different types of food products that are made up of wheat, barley, rye, or contain these as an ingredient in them. Some of the common foods that contain gluten are-

• wheat flour

• refined flour(maida)

• pasta, noodles

• crackers

• malt beverages

• breads and pastries

• baked goods

• corn flakes

• sauces

• Brewers yeast

  • beer, etc.

It is always advisable to look on every food that you buy with a label of “gluten free” as almost everything that we eat may contain gluten.

Common Sign and symptoms of coeliac disease

Coeliac disease symptoms can vary from patient to patient. They even represent differently for children and adults. Children with coeliac disease may present mostly with digestive problems like-

• diarrhoea

• vomiting

• yellowish foul smelling stools

• abdominal bloating and pain

Failure in diagnosis of the disease is early life will lead to continuous destruction of inner lining of small intestine uncontrollably, which eventually will lead to malabsorption of important nutrients from the food, and may result in problems like-

• failure to thrive in infants

• weight loss

• anaemia

• defective tooth enamel

• retarded growth

• short stature

• delayed puberty etc.

In adults also, there may be occasional digestive problems like-

• diarrhoea/constipation

• bloating

• unexplainable nausea and vomiting

• abdominal pain.

Most of the common symptoms in adults are associated symptoms, which are produced due to the consequence of destruction of inner layer of intestine, like-

• fatigue

• anaemia

• weight loss

• any combination of iron, vitB12 and folic acid deficiency

• skin rashes

• lever abnormalities

• repeated miscarriage

  • neurological diseases like ataxia etc.

Diagnosis and risk factors

Coeliac disease symptoms mimic symptoms of many other common diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, iron deficiency anaemia, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infections, etc. So there are many chances of it getting misdiagnosed with any other disease. For correct diagnosis doctor will have to take a proper medical history of the patient and advice medical tests needed to rule out the possibility of other medical conditions.

Being a syndrome, medical explanations as to why and how this disease develops is really difficult, but it has been seen running in the families, which points out towards a possibility that coeliac disease can be linked with certain genes that are carried forward in generations. In some cases, it has also been also linked to stressful medical conditions like viral infections and surgeries, emotional trauma and pregnancies, which can also act like a trigger for starting this syndrome. It has also been observed that people who have diseases like Addison’s disease, Down syndrome, Turners syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis are more prone to this disorder.

Coeliac disease is considered to be an incurable condition, where the person suffering has to be on strict diet completely devoid of gluten. Abstinence of gluten in the diet for a very long gives the villi in the small intestine time to recover back and start working normally. Medicines and supplements are available for conditions and deficiencies arising due to malabsorption of nutrients.

Homeopathic treatment

Conventional mode of treatment do not provide any permanent or very effective treatment for this condition. Most of the medicines prescribed in these cases are just to provide supportive treatment for the symptoms caused, and supplements to cover up for the deficiencies that are produced.

Homeopathy can be very effectively helpful for a patient to deal with this syndrome. Homeopathic treatment for coeliac disease is based on the holistic approach and follow the same guidelines as for any other autoimmune or allergic diseases. Individualised homeopathic treatment is the treatment of choice for most of the doctors. The medicine chosen personally for the patient has the capability to penetrate deep enough reaching the root cause of the disease, which has capability to cure the condition from roots.

Individualised homeopathic medicine is chosen after elaborate and careful case taking of the patient. Case taking in homeopathy is not only about the disease and it’s symptoms, it is a way to get an insight into the patient as a whole, trying to understand his personality, his susceptibility, his desires and aversions, his disposition,etc, along with the mental generals. Medicine chosen on this basis has the aim of not only curing the symptoms of the disease, but also to reduce the hypersensitivity of the body, like in coeliac disease, towards gluten.

AVI homeopathy is a virtual child homeopathic clinic, which is best known for providing precise and effective homeopathic treatment to children from all ages. AVI homeopathy gives u the opportunity to consult the best homeopathic doctor for coeliac disease. Dr. Ashok Choudhary is the best child homeopathic doctor, who has developed a great skill in treatment of all genetic and hypersensitivity conditions, like Coeliac disease. His individualised approach of treatment has effectively helped children to reduce their symptoms and hypersensitivity, improving their health and development significantly.

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