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Autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) refers to a broad term of problems that comes under the group of neurodevelopmental disorders. The problem can result in several issues in affected people. Social interaction and communication are the two issues mainly characterized by people with autism. So, it results in repetitive, restricted, and typecast pattern of behavior. The problem affects a child during their development in the womb. But it becomes evident when a child is around one or two years old. It affects children of all races, culture or economic background. Dr. Ashok Choudhary is the Homeopathy doctor for autism in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


The exact cause that triggers Autism remains a mystery. But several factors can trigger the issue. Some of the risks suspected in developing autism among children include:

  • Having members of the family (immediate) with autism
  • Genetic mutations
  • Low birth weight
  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • Genetic disorders
  • Having older parents
  • Metabolic Imbalances
  • Low Birth Weight
  • Medical history of viral infections
  • Exposure to environmental toxins and heavy metals
  • Fetal exposure to medications like Thalomid (thalidomide) and Depakene (Valproic acid)

Symptoms of Autism

A child can show signs of autism by the time they reach one year. So, most parents can detect the issue between the ages of one to two years. The initial sign of the problems includes delayed social and language development. The other issues may crop as the child ages. Therefore, the other issues may include:

First Category: Communication and Social Interaction Development

  • Trouble sharing interests, emotions, or maintain conversations with others.
  • Issues with non-verbal communication like reading body language or maintaining eye contact
  • Difficulty in forming intimate bonds or maintaining relationships

Second Category: Repetitive/Restrictive Behaviour Patterns

  • Fixated preoccupations or interests
  • Inflexible adherence to specific behaviors or routine
  • Decrease or increase in sensory information sensitivity (like the negative reaction to a particular sound)
  • Repetitive speech patterns, motions, or movements

In order to determine a child is autistic, each sign within the two categories is evaluated. Depending on the assessment of the severity of the signs, a diagnosis is made. For an autistic diagnosis, a child must display all three symptoms from the first category. They also need to show at least two signs described in the second category. Get here best Homeopathic treatment for autism in Jaipur.

Homeopathy Cure

Unlike the allopathic medication, the homeopathy offers treatment to the whole person and not just specific signs. The allopathic doctor address each of the problems like impaired social functioning, incontinence, bowel problems, heightened sensitivity or language delay separately. So, each symptom needs separate treatment in conventional treatment methods. But the homeopathic treatment provides a single remedy based on the severity of the issue to address all the symptoms. It makes it easier to seek treatment. So, the homeopathic doctor looks into the child's needs and offers remedy accordingly.

Dr Ashok Choudhary is one of the few doctors in India who treats genetic, congenital diseases efficiently in children. Dr Choudhary has experience of handling enumerable Autism children. You can consult him personally or online.

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