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Have you tried Homeopathy in lifestyle diseases?

Lifestyle diseases are the consequences of how a person lives his daily life, including his habits and nature of jobs. The lifestyle, that most of the people opt to live nowadays is sedentary, with very less or almost no physical activity. This routine, leads to a number of chronic non communicable diseases, which have serious consequences, and may result into premature mortality. Lifestyle diseases include medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diseases related to consuming large amount of alcohol and smoking, etc. These diseases are a result of combination of factors like habits, environment, genetics and physiology. Lifestyle diseases have become the ‘new epidemic’ in today’s scenario.

Non communicable diseases are the ones with are non contagious, and do no get transferred from one person to another. Among them, cardiovascular diseases take most of the lives in a year, followed by cancer, then respiratory diseases and lastly diabetes. These four diseases are commonest among non communicable diseases that cost most of the lives. These diseases are mostly results of lifestyle choices and can be prevented, if a person opts for a healthier way of living, that is why they are known as lifestyle diseases. In modern times the most common risk factors involved in causing such medical conditions are: use of tobacco, unhealthy diet containing lots amount of junk food, insufficient physical activity and overindulgence in alcohol.

Lifestyle diseases are chronic in nature, thus the course of illness is very prolonged. It would take years, before the disease gets diagnosed, hence the medical intervention in such cases also becomes late. Till the disease is diagnosed, it usually has progressed to such levels that it can only be managed with the help of medicines, and the person may have to live with it for lifetime. These diseases can significantly reduce long life expectancy and result in premature mortalities, which not only results in trauma for the family,  but also cost a fortune, as the treatment given in these diseases can be very expensive, with no guarantee of how many days or years a person will survive.

Homeopathy can prove to be very helpful in delaying or preventing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc. People having family history of such diseases, when given the homeopathic constitutional remedy based on person’s physical and mental makeup may help delay or prevent such conditions. One needs to find the best homeopathic doctor whenever symptoms of such diseases begin to appear.

Homeopathy is very much capable of controlling conditions like hypertension and diabetes, if medicines are prescribed on early diagnosis, until, the remedies chosen are constitutional, and given on individualised symptoms of the patient. Thyroid disorders, mood disorders, depression that are common nowadays can be effectively treated with homeopathy, which are side effects free and do not cause any dependency on the medicines.

The best part of homeopathic treatment is that, it not only cures the disease, but also boosts up the immunity, which help in reducing tendencies and susceptibility to other diseases.

One can very effectively reduce the risk of such non communicable diseases and prevent its progress, if the patient seek consultation from the best homeopathic doctor as soon as the body starts giving signal of any underlying pathology.

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