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Old Age and Homeopathy

Old age is the last stage of life process of a person. Statistically, a person above the age of 60 or 65 is considered old. Aging is an inevitable and irreversible phenomenon, thus every person born on this earth will become old and will have to face the discomforts and pain that it brings with it, which may be physical, mental, or social.

In terms of health, old age is a very tough stage in any persons life, as aging reduces the efficiency of almost all the body organs. Body’s immunity also reduces significantly in old age, making a person more susceptible to any infection. Healing power of the body is also reduced making it difficult to cope up fast with any medical condition. Homeopathy has been known for its effectiveness and gentle ways of healing in an old. Homeopathy can not only be used during medical conditions in an elderly, but some medicines can also be taken on regular basis to boost up immunity and act as preventive to many old age diseases.

Some common old age medical conditions and frequently used homeopathic medicines are listed below:

  1. Arthritis– It is the most common problem faced during old age. The continuous wear and tear faced by the cartilages of the joints, destroy them with time and thus bones start grinding on each other, resulting in pain, stiffness, swelling, redness and painful movements. This condition becomes worse as the age progresses. Some homeopathic medicines which prove to be very useful are- rhus tox, bryonia, arnica, ledum pal, etc.
  1. Alzheimer’s disease– A study says that one in every nine people above the age of 65 suffer from this disease. This disease is the most common form of dementia in which there is continuous degeneration of brain cells which results in symptoms like- memory loss, continuous decline in thinking power, behaviour and social skills, making it difficult to carry on normal daily activities independently. Homeopathic medicines useful in this condition  are-nux vomica, ignatia, lycopodium, calcarea carb, etc.
  1. Cataract– Cataract is generally defined as the clouding of the natural clear lens, which makes the vision hazy, making difficult to carry out daily activities. In cataract, surgeries are the choice of treatment for most of the people, but if homeopathic medicines are started in an early phase of the disease, it can be prevented to progress to a condition where vision starts getting seriously impaired. Medicines helpful in cataract are-calcarea fluorica, silicea, natrum muriaticum,etc.
  1. Prostatitis– This is a common old age disease in men. Prostate is a small gland present below the urinary bladder, which produces fluid that provides nourishment to sperms. Inflammation and swelling in prostate can cause symptoms like dribbling or hesitant urination, pain or burning during urination, urgency and frequency of urination and sometimes pain and discomfort in lower abdomen. In conventional medicine, surgery is the only treatment for  proatatitis, but homeopathy has medicines that can cure this disease from roots. Some common medicines used are – sabal serrulata, thuja, pulsatilla, chimaphilla, etc.
  1. Heart diseases- Most of the heart or cardiovascular diseases include diseases related to blood vessels, diseases affecting cardiac muscles like myocardial ischaemia, arrhythmia etc. Most of these diseases are result of medical conditions like atherosclerosis and hypertension, which are slow developing conditions and hence take serious forms in old age. Online Homeopathy doctor can prevent these diseases from developing into medical emergencies. Some useful remedies are – digitalis, crataegus, spigelia, cactus, naja, etc.

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