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Why Homoeopathy is better option of treatment?

Our modern lifestyles , never finishing physical and mental stress, exposure to  ever increasing various levels of pollution and decreasing immunity of human  body has led to various forms of modern day diseases and with them the  consumption of medicines has become a regular routine of our lives without  realising what mental and physical hazards it brings with it.

As we look around nearly every family has members with diseases like arthritis,  gout, diabetes, hypertension, etc. for which conventional medicine doctors’  advice for long term or lifelong medication which sometimes include  hazardous medications like steroids and pain killers which can prove fatal in  long run. Here comes the role of homeopathy, if chosen as the first choice of  treatment for such diseases which need medication for longer duration of time  ,it is not only safe without having any side effects , but also is capable of curing  them from roots.

In today’s world, stress is another pandemic which silently takes so many lives  per year. In most of the cases if we go in the history of the patient we find that  mental or physical stress is responsible for so many pathologies that people  develop in long run. Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which does  not go by the label of diseases and try to find out the underlying cause of the  problem and treat patient with the holistic approach stimulating the inner  healing power of the body and treats it naturally giving a person his total state
of well-being both physically and mentally.

Mental diseases are a speciality of homeopathy. Unlike the conventional  methods which are painful and hazardous homeopathy doctors cures the patient  gently and helps them come back to their natural selves.

Homeopathic medicines have capability of acting as an immune booster for all  ages which is very effective and can also be used as a prophylactic in many  diseases and in pandemics like COVID-19, without causing any side effects as  most of the vaccinations do.

Furthermore, there are some myths like homeopathy acts slower, it is not  effective in all the ages and pregnancy, homeopathic medicines are only for  chronic diseases are all true myths which are propagated to defame this  exceptionally useful and effective pathy.

Homeopathy is a blessing to human life, if chosen as the first choice of  treatment and trusted, it can change lives in many ways not only by curing  diseases but also helping body to arouse its own natural healing powers to  bring it in the state of health not only physically but also mentally and  spiritually, which is need of the hour.

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