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Homeopathy is very effective in PCOD

The terms Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) and Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are frequently used interchangeably by many, but they are different, though both of them are related to ovaries and hormonal disturbances. PCOS is a metabolic disorder and is caused due to endocrine dysfunction, while PCOD is caused due to hormonal imbalances and is very common among women of reproductive age. PCOS is a serious medical condition while PCOD can be treated by simple lifestyle managements.

Every woman has two ovaries that produce eggs alternately every month. These eggs if not fertilised result into sloughing of inner lining of endometrium along with egg that results into menstruation. This is a periodical process that continues every month until the menopause or temporarily if the egg gets fertilised and pregnancy is established.

In PCOD, the eggs produced are not able to get released from the ovaries due to hormonal imbalances and thus start getting collected. This piling up of eggs results into formation of cysts and with every month these cysts keep increasing in size. This condition usually results in enlargement of the ovaries, which start secreting a lot of amount of androgens that can lead to infertility.

Other common symptoms of PCOD may include-

  • irregular periods
  • acne
  • male pattern growth of hair on the body
  • depression
  • abdominal weight gain
  • male pattern hair loss, etc.

The factors that may cause PCOD include-

  • stress
  • hormonal disturbances
  • overweight
  • insulin diet

PCOD can be treated by lifestyle and diet managements. It is common medical condition and nearly 1/3 of women around the world suffer from it. If managements are not enough to cure this problem, patients may consult the best homeopathy doctor for PCOD to get rid of this condition, as homeopathy provides the most natural, harmless and effective treatment in such cases and help restore the balance of vitality.

Women with PCOD don’t have significant infertility issues, and can conceive with little medical help and lifestyle managements, while in women having PCOS miscarriages are common and conception could be challenging due to hormonal imbalances. Still, PCOD may sometimes cause complications like:

  • Increased risk for endometrial cancer
  • Infertility, though it can be avoided if treatment is given early
  • Obesity, which may increase the risk of medical conditions like high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes
  • Increased risk for breast cancer

Homeopathy medicine has proved very effective and helpful in treating PCOD. PCOD responds wonderfully to individualistic approach of treatment, where medicines are chosen individually for every patient. As stated above, the main causes of PCOD are influenced by lady’s emotional and mental state, the approach in the individualised homeopathy medicine is mostly focused on the mental sphere of the patient. The homeopathy medicine chosen on this approach not only helps the patient in getting rid of the presenting complaints, but also help regularise her periods and improve the mental health of the lady. To get the maximum benefit, whenever girls start showing symptoms, one should consult the homeopathic doctor for PCOD to get rid of the problem from the roots at early stage only. Early treatment can also avoid complications of PCOD.

AVI homeopathy is a renowned name in the field of homeopathy, which has given wonderful results in treating the cases of PCOD. Dr. Ashok Choudhary, and his staff are committed to provide world class homeopathic treatment to the patients and improve their quality of life.

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