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The discs are protective shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the spine. Although they do not actually slip, a disc may bulge, split or rupture. This can cause the disc cartilage and nearby tissue to fail, allowing the inner gel portion of the disc to escape into the surrounding tissue. This protruding, jelly-like substance can place pressure on the spinal cord which causes symptoms of pain, numbness or weakness.


Risk factors that lead a slipped disc include aging with associated degeneration and loss of elasticity of the discs and supporting structures, injury from improper lifting, especially if accompanied by twisting or turning, and excessive strain forces associated with physical activities. Sudden forceful acute trauma is an uncommon cause of slipped disc.


A slipped disc can produce symptoms anywhere in the body along the course of that nerve. There is varying degree of pain in the back or neck along with numbness or weakness in the corresponding organs, arms, or legs.

For slip disc in the neck: numbness, weakness, or pain in the shoulder, neck, arm, and hand.

For the slip disc in the lower back symptoms include: pain down the back of each leg from buttocks to the knee or beyond. There is numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain in back, leg or feet.


Regular exercise can improve the overall strength and tone of the supporting muscles and structures. Use proper techniques while performing strenuous work, including lifting. If the patient is overweight, losing weight can help decrease the back pain.


Homeopathy has many medicines in various different potencies prescribed considering patients physical problem along with overall constitution. Medicines given at AVI homeopathy are very well capable of easing your pain, healing your inflammation, strengthening your muscle fibres and spine leading to a complete recovery.

Accurate homeopathic treatment from AVI homeopathic hospital along with suggested physiotherapy exercised by our clinically sound and well-experienced doctors will definitely make a difference to your health and life.

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