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A headache is the worst pain you can endure. The agony can pull you back from reaching your potential. Migraines can cause more distress to you compared to the ordinary headaches. The recurring, severe headaches sometimes accompany with sensory warning signs. So, you may experience a headache on one side of the head along with light sensitivity. But, by taking over-the-counter medications, you increase your chances of getting side-effects. So, you can endure more problems that can lead to long-term complications.


Causes of Migraine

Let us have a look at some factors that cause Migraine. These factors are also termed as “Triggers”.

  1. a) Change in Hormone levels – For example, women experience the change in hormone levels during menstruation. So, in such cases women may experience symptoms of migraine.
  2. b) Emotional triggers – Emotional triggers include anxiety, depression, stress, etc.
  3. Excessive physical exertion or change in routine (such as due to jet leg) may also trigger migraine in some cases.
  4. Some specific food items or beverages can also cause migraine. It can be anything from chocolates to alcohol. Sometimes migraine is also caused due to change in meal times.
  5. e) Due to some specific medications, the migraine is triggered.

So, in order to treat migraine effectively it is very much important to clearly understand the root cause that is acting as a trigger.


Homeopathic treatment for Migraine

Why not try homeopathy to relieve your migraine effectively without any side-effects. There are various remedies that provide natural healing and are prescribed depending on the following factors:

  • Location of The Pain

The exact location where you experience a headache is considered as one of the important factors. It can range from the back of your head, front portion of the head to the top portion of the head.

  • Sensation

The medication is decided based on the sensation you feel. You need to verbalize the pain and your suffering to get the ideal homeopathy remedies. You can experience pounding, splitting or bursting pain on one side of the head.

  • Modality

Sometimes you may feel some adjustments can make the pain better. You may choose darkness or light to keep away from pain. Warm or cold sensation can relieve pain at times. Resting or moving can impact the migraine pain.

So, depending on the three aspects, you can get an effective treatment in homeopathy without having any adverse effects on the body. The homeopathic medication helps to cure this problem by using body’s own healing mechanism. Because of which it cures the migraine completely instead of offering symptomatic relief. There are different homeopathic medications depending on the type and intensity of the pain. For example, a medicine named Belladonna is most effective for treatment of throbbing headache that is triggered suddenly at times. Similarly, there are various other effective medications for each type of pain.

It is better to consult a homeopathy doctor for treatment of migraine than to consume high doses of pain killers. Homeopathy is the safest option that provides effective and permanent relief in migraine without any side effects. Dr Choudhary who is one of the renowned Homeopathy doctor in India is well experienced in treating diseases like migraine.

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