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Metrorrhagia is defined as bleeding episodes outside the menstrual cycles. It is also known as the dysfunctional uterine bleeding is a problem that women suffer from. Metrorrhagia is common, especially to the first few years of menstrual onset.

To simplify, metrorrhagia is an in between vaginal spotting in monthly menses, a considered possible health threat and should not be taken lightly.


Metrorrhagia can be caused by a variety of causes, some ranging from mild causes, while in other cases it may be result of a serious infection. The following are the common causes: hormonal imbalance, fibroids, polyps, inflammation or infection in the cervix, vagina or uterus .One another major causes for metrorrhagia is lack of ovulation and blood clotting disorders.


Most experts agree that any bleeding that’s so excessive and severe that it interferes with patient’s physical, social, and emotional life is abnormal. Symptoms which indicate a bleeding to be of metrorrhagia are: soaking through napkins every hour for several hours, excessive menstrual bleeding is associated with bleeding puberty. Other symptoms which can be experienced are abdominal pain or cramps, nausea and uneasy feeling.


Certain medical procedures or blood tests may be required to know what causes metrorrhagia. They include: endometrial biopsy, ultrasound scan, systeroscopy, etc.


Metrorrhagia occurs outside the normal menstrual flow either at regular or irregular intervals. Hormone irregularities are one of the main causes of metrorrhagia. Significant iron deficiency anaemia may also develop if the bleeding is heavy and frequent.

If you are experiencing metrorrhagia in multiple cycles, consult to your physician for immediate treatment.


Homoeopathic treatment for metrorrhagia will be the best option for any women. The homoeopathic medicines are always safe to use as they have no side effects, and rather than imposing some affect on hormones homoeopathic medicines has the capability to regulate hormonal balance.

At AVI homoeopathy DR, Chaudhary always uses homoeopathic medicines which are genuine, well proved and effective. Our aim is to give every patient a complete cure with best of advices regarding the disease. There are numerous case records of patient getting cured from their long sufferings of metrorrhagia but not a single case of failure.

Moreover, at AVI homoeopathy we not only aim to cure the disease but also always try to prevent them from recurrence.

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