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What are lipomas?

Lipomas are the benign growths of fatty tissue between the skin and muscle layer. They are slow growing, non cancerous and usually harmless. Lipomas are non tender and are movable on applying slight pressure. They are uncommon in children and youngsters and mostly happen in middle age. Lipomas can be formed in any part of the body, but are more commonly present on neck, shoulders, forearms, arms and thighs. A person may develop more than one lipoma at the same time in his body.

Lipomas generally do not need any treatment unless they become painful, start growing in size or do not feel good due to cosmetic reasons. Homeopathy can very well help in such conditions. Patient may find the best homeopathic clinic or consult homeopathic doctor online to help regress the lipomas and reduce tendency for their further formation.


Cause of lipomas are still unknown, but it’s seen running in families, so the researchers relate it to the genetic makeup of the person.

Sign and symptoms

Lipomas are generally located on neck, upper arms, thighs and forearms, but they can also develop at the back and stomach.

Lipomas are harmless, non tender and are generally-

  • Situated just under the skin
  • Are soft and easily movable if slightly prodded with the fingers
  • Colourless or merging with the skin colour
  • Typically less than 2 inches in diameter
  • Slow in growth

Lipomas are generally painless, but sometimes if they are located near a nerve or where lot of vessels are present, it may cause pain, due to compression. Angiolipoma is a variant of lipoma which is more painful than other lipomas.

Risk Factors

As such there are no defined causes for lipomas, but it has been often related to genetics. Having a family history of lipoma predisposes a person to having lipomas in later period of his life. Lipoma usually develops in people between the age of 40-60 years.

There are some medical conditions also that increase the risk of developing lipomas like

  • Adiposis dolorosa, which is a rare condition in which a person develops multiple painful lipomas
  • Cowden syndrome
  • Gardner’s syndrome
  • Madelung’s disease
  • Bannayan-Riley-Rulvacaba syndrome


Lipomas can easily be diagnosed by physical examination by touching them, as they are soft and movable, because they are made up of fatty tissues. They are usually not mistaken for liposarcoma, which are cancerous, non movable and painful fast growing lump, but if the doctor suspects it, he may go for biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

Further testing like CT scan or MRI can also be suggested, if it becomes confirmed that the presenting lump is a liposarcoma.

Lipomas Homeopathic Treatment

Harmless, small lipomas sometimes start growing in size and become painful, requiring medical interventions to get rid of them. Conventional methods propose surgical removal of the lipomas as their choice of treatment, which is obviously painful and do not give guarantee that it will never reoccur.

Homoeopathy on the other hand can provide permanent solutions to lipomas in the most natural and harmless way. Choice of treatment in these cases is usually individualised, in which the medicine is chosen on the basis of the characteristic physical, mental and emotional symptoms of the patient.

If the patient does not want to get operated for lipomas, he/she may find the best homeopathic clinic for regressing them in most natural ways from their roots, with the guarantee of no recurrences in the future.

Nowadays people can consult homeopathic doctor online, if they find it difficult and unsafe to visit clinics physically.

Some general homeopathic medicines prescribed in cases of lipomas are calcarea fluor, silicea, thuja, calcarea carb, sulphur, etc.

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