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What is Hernia?

Hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue pushes through a weak point of a muscle or connective tissue that normally holds it in place. Most of the hernias are found in the abdomen, between chest and hips. Though, they also sometimes happen in groin and upper thigh areas.

Most of the time hernias are not life threatening, but they may complicate over time and need surgical interventions.

Homeopathic medicines can prove to be very helpful in cases of hernia. Patients may consult the best homeopathic doctor for help in managing the symptoms produced due to herniation.


Hernia happens due to the combination of many factors, while some may have no apparent cause at all. Most commonly hernias occur due to

  • muscle weakness and mechanical strains
  • Increased pressure within the abdomen
  • Pre- existing weak spots in the abdominal wall
  • Pregnancy
  • Constant straining while passing stool
  • Chronic cough or sneezing
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Cough accompanying smoking
  • Damage from an injury or surgery, etc

 Some Common Types of Hernia

There are several types of hernias, but the most common ones are-

  1. Inguinal hernia- This is the most common type of hernia, especially in men. Inguinal canal, which is present in groin, passes the spermatic cord from abdomen into the scrotum. When there occurs a weak spot or tear in the abdominal wall in the inguinal canal, intestines push through it, causing inguinal hernia.
  2. Hiatal hernia- This hernia occurs when a part of stomach protrudes through the diaphragm into the chest cavity. This hernia is very common in aged people and may also be sometimes present in children as a congenital birth defect.
  3. Umbilical hernia- This type of hernia mostly happens in children and babies. It happens due to the bulging of intestines near the belly button. This type of hernia mostly goes by itself till 2 years of age, as the abdominal muscles strengthen.

It might also happen in adults due to strenuous activities and over lifting.

  1. Ventral hernia- This hernia may be formed due to obesity, strenuous activities or pregnancy. It occurs when the tissue bulges through the opening in the muscles of the abdomen. The size of ventral hernias usually reduce while lying down.


Symptoms produced by hernia depends upon the type and location of hernia. The most common symptom that is observed is the presence of lump in the affected area. The lump may disappear while lying down and get enlarged while bending down or coughing. Sometimes pain and discomfort is also present around the affected area. For example, an inguinal hernia patient feels discomfort in the groins while bending, standing or coughing.

Sometimes symptoms are more specific for some hernias, like in hiatal hernia symptoms are mostly confined to GIT, like heartburn, difficult swallowing and chest pain.

Mild hernias may not show any symptom at all and get diagnosed accidentally while going through checkup for any other problem.


For diagnosing hernia, doctor will have to do physical checkup to palpate if any bulge is present in abdomen or groins, which increases in size while standing, coughing or bending.

Doctor will also investigate about the medical history of the complaints along with the modalities. He may suggest to go for an ultrasound, CT scan or MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

In suspected case of hiatal hernia doctor may also advice for barium x-ray and endoscopy to know the position of the stomach.

Homeopathic Treatment of Hernia

Other than the obstructed and complicated hernias, which are surgical cases, homeopathy is capable of curing almost all types of hernias. Though, prognosis of the case very much depends upon the stage and condition of the problem, homeopathy can save a person from undergoing surgery in the cases of hernia.

Homeopathic medicines prescribed in such cases are mostly individualised and given on the basis of constitution of the person. Patients should consult the best homeopathic doctor for seeking treatment in cases of hernia in the starting of the condition only, which makes it easier to cure and save it from getting complicated and reaching to the stage of surgery.

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