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The human digestive system can endure two main problems, heartburn and acidity. Many of us might have experienced these issues more than once in our lives. The two conditions are related to each other and therefore people experience both at the same time. The main cause of these problems is the increasing acid levels in the stomach. Heartburn is referred to the irritating feeling or inflammation you in the esophagus (in the chest region). It is caused by the fluctuating stomach acid levels. In this case the acid oozes out from stomach and travels upwards in esophagus. So, it the acid comes in direct contact with inner walls of esophagus and it results in a burning sensation in esophagus along with bloating sensation in the stomach.

The stomach aids the digestion process by producing the gastric juices. At times, the back flow of the gastric juices takes place and the acid travels from the stomach to the esophagus. It results in the condition known as acid re-flux (or acidity). Too much acid levels can cause the burning sensation and other complications. So, you may resort to taking antacids for getting relief from the heartburn and acidity. The antacids provide temporary relief by neutralizing the excessive acid secreted by the stomach. However, it does not aim at curing the root cause that is resulting in excessive acid secretion.

Common Causes of Acid Reflux

There are various causes that are responsible for acid reflux in most of the cases. Some of them are as follows:

  1. a) Obesity
  2. b) Overeating
  3. Eating heavy meals just before going to bed
  4. Not following proper posture while eating
  5. e) Eating spicy food or the food with more acidic content such as citrus, onions, garlic, etc.
  6. f) Drinking some beverages such as carbonated drinks, tea or coffee, etc.
  7. g) Being on strong medications for longer duration.

Moreover, if this problem persists for longer duration it may lead to various gastrointestinal complications such as ulcers. Therefore, one should opt for holistic methods like homeopathic treatment to eliminate the root cause of this problem.

Homeopathy Treatment for Heartburn & Acidity

There are several effective medicines in Homeopathy that can make you get rid of this health problem permanently. The medication depends on the cause and frequency of recurrence. The Homeopathic treatment does not focus only on the symptoms but also lays a great emphasis in understanding the actual cause and eliminating it. As per the Homeopathy, acid reflux is not the actual problem, but it is the outcome of some other health issue that needs to be addressed.  Homeopathy is the alternative medicine that aims to alleviate the issues in your body by strengthening the self-healing mechanism of the body, instead of over-powering it. It uses natural products to address the symptoms that make you uncomfortable. So, you get an ideal solution to overcome the issue without causing problems to your physical, emotional or mental health.

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