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What are Fissures?

Fissures are literally defined as crack or split in something that causes long narrow opening. Medically fissures can be present normally or abnormally in the body, like fissure in the cerebral cortex is a normal feature of the body, while fissure in the anus is abnormal. There can be two common abnormal fissures in the body- anal fissures and foot fissures.

Most of the cases of foot fissures can be cured by following simple management procedures, like applying some moisturising lotions to dry heels, not going barefoot for a long time, using proper fitting shoes etc.

In the case of anal fissures, if they require any treatment, it usually depends upon the underlying cause. For example if a is due to lack of anal hygiene, then a person can be taught how to maintain it, or if it’s due to persistent constipation or diarrhoea then patient can be advised to make some necessary lifestyle and diet changes. But if the conditions do not improve then medications are necessary.

Homeopathy medicines can cure this condition from roots and the medicines can also reduce body tendencies which cause them. They are also capable to curing the underlying causes.

Common Types of Fissures

The two most common types of abnormal fissures that happen in a body are anal fissures and foot fissures.

1. Anal Fissure

It is a small tear in internal thin lining of the anal mucosa, most probably caused due to trauma. Anal fissures are common in infants, but they can happen at any age. Most of the fissures can be healed by simple managements, like increasing fiber intake in food or by taking sitz baths. Sometimes fissures can be painful and may need medical intervention, or in more serious cases surgeries.


Anal fissures can be caused due to-

  • hard stools
  • constant straining while passing stools
  • prolonged diarrhoea or constipation
  • anal sex
  • over tight anal sphincter muscles
  • poor cleaning habits
  • pregnancy
  • cancer of rectum
  • other medical conditions like some inflammatory diseases and STDs.

Signs & Symptoms

Sign and symptoms mostly include:

  • Pain, which might be severe during bowel movements and can last several hours after that.
  • There may be fresh red blood on the stool after passing motions.
  • Persistent burning and itching might also be felt around anus.
  • There may be visible cracks and skin tags around anal opening.
  • If anal fissures become infected it may produce symptoms like increased pain, redness, oozing of fluid from the fissures and fever.

2. Foot Fissures

These are cracks that typically happen on the heels.


They can be caused due to-

  • improper foot wears or not wearing them for a very long time.
  • excessive dry skin
  • thyroid problems
  • skin problems like athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • corns and calluses, etc.

Signs & Symptoms

Foot fissures often do not produce any significant symptoms, except pain and discomfort. Other than that, it does not look good in appearance. However, in some cases, condition may become serious when fissures get infected, or if the cracks are deep enough, they may bleed while walking. One should consult a doctor if there is soreness, redness, or severe pain in the fissured heels.

Risk Factors

Risk factors for developing anal fissures may include-

  • Straining during bowel movements due to constipation
  • It is common in women after childbirth
  • People having crohn’s disease, which causes chronic inflammation of the intestinal tract that increase the risk of developing fissures
  • Frequent anal intercourse
  • More common in infants and middle aged adults

Risk factors for developing foot fissures may include-

  • Living in dry climates
  • Obesity
  • Going barefoot frequently and for long periods
  • Wearing sandals or foot wears that have open back
  • Inactive sweat glands

Homeopathic Treatment for Fissures

Normally fissures can be managed by doing some lifestyle changes and applying moisturising creams for heel fissures. However, sometimes the symptoms get worse mad need medical intervention.

Homeopathy medicines have very effective role in treating cases of fissures. There are medicines which not only give symptomatic relief, but also cure the underlying cause along with it. Homeopathy medicines also reduce the body tendencies of developing the fissures and reduce their recurrence in the future.

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