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A cyst is a abnormal, sac-like structure that can be found anywhere in the body. Cysts usually contain a gaseous, liquid, or semisolid substance and have an outer wall, known as the capsule.

Cysts occur commonly in numerous tissues and organs and are often named according to their particular atomic location. Certain types of cysts also have special designation and nomenclature.


Small cysts or cysts in internal structures of the body may not produce symptoms. Cysts in the skin may be recognized as painless lumps or bumps. Sometimes it is possible to notice an increase in size of cyst while in other cases, the size will remain constant. If cysts occur due to a serious infection, tumor, or chronic disease, the symptoms depend on the location, type, and extent of the disease.


Cysts can occur at any age. There are many types of cyst and causes of the particular type is also varies. Defects in embryonic development can result in cysts that are present from birth. Common causes of cysts include infections, a defect in the cells, chronic inflammatory condition, blockage of ducts in the body that cause fluid to build up.

Risk Factors

Cysts occur in people of all ages and background. As because there many different types of cysts, it is difficult to list specific cyst risk factors. Disease processes such as infections and certain inherited diseases can all lead to the development of cysts.

Homeopathic Treatment for Cyst

Homeopathic remedies for cysts are great form of natural treatment. Homeopathic remedies for cysts are very safe and natural for our body. Moreover, homeopathic remedies do not produce any side effects and once treated with homeopathic remedies, cysts do not recur. According to Dr. Chaudhary, a cyst which has been cured by the use of homeopathic medicine is the most possible correct treatment ever.

Homeopathic medicines may even help in lightening of the old scars. And those cases of cysts which are treated at AVI homeopathy have rarely developed any scar mark.

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