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What is CSOM?

Chronic suppurative  otitis media is a chronic inflammatory condition of the middle ear and mastoid cavity. CSOM causes perforation in the tympanic membrane, which results it permanent drainage from the middle ear continues for more than 2-6 weeks.

Chronic suppuration may be present with or without cholesteatoma, though the clinical history and presentation are almost similar in both the conditions. CSOM is often preceded by episodes of acute otitis media.

CSOM is often associated with persistent or intermittent ottorhea, sometimes with conductive hearing loss. Patient may even hear ringing, whistling or other sounds in the ear.

Treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media depends upon the stage of the disease and condition of the tympanic membrane. Homeopathy can be helpful in managing the symptoms of CSOM. The homeopathy specialist doctor can save the disease to progress to more severe forms, which may result into permanent hearing loss.

Types of CSOM

It is of two types-

  1. Tubo-tympanic- This type has central tympanic perforation, and is considered as ‘safe type’. It is referred as safe because there are very less chances to develop serious intracranial complications, like meningitis and brain abscess in this type. Discharges are intermittent, mucoid or micropurulent, which is often associated with respiratory tract infection. There may be very mild hearing loss in this type of CSOM.
  2. Attico-antral- This type causes attic or marginal perforation, that affects the posterisuperior marginal quadrant. It is termed ‘unsafe type’ because of potential serious and dangerous intracranial complications like cholesteatoma. The discharges in this type are usually scanty and malodorous. This type may cause moderate or severe hearing loss, which may eventually result into permanent hearing loss.

Signs & Symptoms

CSOM may develop over long period of time in a person, during which patient may experience longstanding or frequent ear troubles. Some warning signs of CSOM may include-

  • Persistent or intermittent ottorhea, which may be mucoid, abundant or scanty, white, yellowish or bloody, foul smelling or with no odour, depending upon the type of CSOM.
  • Feeling of permanent fullness or blockage in the ears.
  • Mild or severe hearing loss
  • Development of balancing problems
  • Facial weakness
  • Persistent deep ear pain or headaches
  • Confusion or feeling of sleepiness
  • Fever
  • Drainage or swelling behind the ear
  • Persistent cold and cough for many years, that becomes chronic


CSOM may be caused by-

  • Acute otitis media, that persists more than 2 weeks
  • Blockage in the eustachian tube( tube that connects middle ear to the back of the nose).
  • Injury to the ears
  • Chronic suppurative otitis media may flare up after infection in nose and throat, like in case of common cold.
  • It may also flare up if water enters the middle ear through the perforation in the tympanic membrane.

Risk Factors

Some factors that may increase the risk of CSOM are-

  • Frequent upper respiratory tract infections
  • Nasal diseases
  • Poor living conditions
  • Inadequate treatment
  • Poor access to medical care
  • Overcrowding
  • Expose to cigarette smoke, etc


CSOM may lead to complications like-

  • Postauricular abscess
  • Facial nerve paresis
  • Labyrinthis
  • Labyrinthine fistula
  • Mastoiditis
  • Temporal abscess
  • Petrositis, etc


Doctor will take the medical history of the patient to investigate any previous history of the complaint or tendency to conditions like frequent upper respiratory infections. Doctor will physically examine the amount, colour, odour of the discharges from the ear, if present, to know the type of CSOM. Doctor will also examine the ear of the patient to look for the perforation in the tympanic membrane.

Homeopathic Treatment for CSOM

Homeopathic approach in cases of CSOM will depend upon the stage and state of the tympanic membrane. Dr. Ashok Choudhary is a homeopathy specialist doctor who prescribe medicines on the basis of individualised approach to treat the cases. Individualised approach involves careful study of the patient’s mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

The carefully prescribed constitutional medicine is capable for reversing the damage done to the tympanic membrane and resolve the symptoms produced.

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