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What are Corns & Calluses?

Corns and calluses are hard, thickened patches on the skin which develop in the areas where the skin tries to protect itself from excessive pressure and friction. Medically it is termed as hyperkeratosis and can happen in any part of the body, but typically develops on the toes, hands or fingers.

Calluses are hard, rough, diffuse, flattened, ill defined patches on the skin. They usually appear on the heel or ball of the foot. They are usually conical or circular in shape.

Corns are also known as hellomas and clavi. They are small, thick, dry, waxy or translucent areas on the skin. They usually develop on the top or sides of the toes, or the soles of the feet. They are potentially painful conditions.

Most of the time no treatment is required for corns and calluses. They usually disappear by removing the source of friction or pressure. People having diabetes or other medical conditions which cause poor blood flow in the feet, are at greater risk for developing complications due to corns or calluses.

Homeopathic treatment for callus and corns is very effective and successful. The best homeo clinic can give quick and permanent relief in them.


Corns and calluses are the protective reactions of the skin against pressure and friction. The common causes may be-

  • Not wearing proper fitting shoes- Ill fitting shoes may rub against the skin causing friction, that may lead to such conditions. Walking or running in ill fitting shoes can also cause corns and calluses.
  • Standing for long periods of times
  • Frequently wearing high heels

Other possible causes may include-

  • Wearing shoes and sandals without socks
  • Going barefoot
  • Athletic activities that put lot of pressure and friction
  • Playing instruments or using hand tools which put pressure and friction
  • Any manual labour that puts pressure

Signs & Symptoms

Sign and symptoms of corn and calluses may include-

  • Thick, rough, localised patch on the skin
  • Hardened, raised bump on the skin
  • Sometimes pain and tenderness under the skin
  • Flaky, dry and waxy or translucent skin

Symptoms that differentiate corns from calluses are-

  • Corns are smaller than calluses.
  • Corns have hard centre with inflamed skin around.
  • Corns usually develop on non weight bearing parts of the feet, like the tops and sides of the toes, while calluses typically develop on the soles of the feet, usually under the heels or balls and on the palms.
  • Corns can be painful when pressed, while calluses are rarely painful.

Risk Factors

Some factors that increase the risk of causing corns and calluses are-

  • Bunions- An abnormal bony bump, that develops at the base where big toe joins the foot.
  • Hammertoe- This is a deformity in which the toe curves like a claw
  • Bone deformities- like a spur, that may continually cause pressure inside the shoes
  • Not protecting hands with gloves, etc while using tools
  • Having damaged sweat glands, scars or warts on the feet


Corns and calluses can be diagnosed clinically by physical examination of the affected area. Doctor may do physical checkup to rule out the possibility of warts and cysts.

If the doctor suspects presence of any bony abnormality behind the development of corns or calluses, he may advice to go for x-ray to confirm it.

Homeopathic Treatment for Corns & Calluses

Corns and calluses usually get treated by themselves by removing the cause of friction and pressure or by just changing to good fitting shoes. If it doesn’t subside even after that homeopathy provides excellent medical intervention in such cases.

Homeopathic medicines from the best homeo clinic can provide permanent solutions for corns and calluses and even reduce the tendency of its redevelopment.

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