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What is constipation?


Constipation is one of the most common type of digestive disorder. It is defined as having infrequent bowl movements, with dry, hard stools, or having fewer that three motions per week. Occasional constipation is common, it is almost faced by everyone sometimes, and can be treated by simple diet managements, but some people face chronic constipation, which starts interfering in carrying out their day to day activities. Constipation may sometimes make you strain too hard while passing stools, that may result into another set of medical conditions like fissures.


Constipation happens when there are slow bowel movements or stool lies in colon for a very long time. When the residual food reaches colon, it’s main function is to absorb water and convert them in waste, that propel rectum to eliminate them as stool. If stool remains longer that usual in colon, it becomes hard, and thus difficult to pass out.


Any type of constipation, acute or chronic, can be very effectively treated with the homeopathic medicines. Patients can visit the best homeo clinic in their approach or consult homeopathic doctor online to get the treatment.




Some important causes that might result in constipation are,

  • low fiber intake
  • low water intake
  • travel or other routine changes
  • lack of exercise
  • stress
  • pregnancy
  • delaying response to impulse for defecation
  • pregnancy
  • as a side effect of some medicines, etc.


Other than these, there may be some underlying medical conditions responsible for causing constipation, like

  • bowel obstruction
  • colon cancer
  • bowel stricture
  • damage to nerves that cause bowel movements
  • certain diseases, like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes
  • Overuse or misuse of laxatives
  • Some hormonal problems, like under active thyroid gland, etc.


Sign and Symptoms


In sign and symptoms of constipation, other than having hard, dry stools and straining while passing motions, a person may also feel stomachache and cramping, that is relieved by passing stool. Blood may also be found on faeces due to tearing of haemorrhoids or fissures during defecation. Sometimes, the stool is so hard to remove, that it may require mechanical support, like using fingers to empty rectum.


Chronic constipation may lead to complications like haemorrhoids, anal fissures, faecal impaction, rectal prolapse, etc.


Risk factors

Factors that predispose a person to develop chronic constipation are-

  • Older adults who are 65 or more in age are more prone to get constipated due to less physical activity and poor diet
  • People who are confined to bed due to certain medical conditions like spinal injuries
  • People having low consumption of fibres in their diet
  • Women are more prone to develop constipation as compared to men, and children much easily get constipated in comparison to adults
  • People having sedentary lifestyles, with very less or nill physical activity
  • Pregnant women, due to hormonal changes and pressure on intestines.



People with chronic constipation can develop complications like-

  • Haemorrhoids, due to straining during bowel movements
  • Fissures, due to hard stool
  • Faecal impaction, due to large accumulation of hard stool in intestines
  • Rectal prolapse, due to straining at stool



Following some managements and avoiding certain things can prevent chronic constipation, like:

  • Including plenty of high fibre foods in the diet
  • Avoid fast food and eat fewer dairy and meat products
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Including some exercises and physical activities in daily routine
  • Managing stress
  • Not ignoring the urge of passing stool, etc

Homeopathic treatment


As mentioned earlier, occasional episodes of constipation are common and can be treated by simple diet and lifestyle managements, but chronic constipation needs medical intervention, otherwise it may lead to serious complications. Homeopathic medicines are natural and most effective in treating any kind of constipation. They arouse the inner strength of the body to normalise it’s functions, and thus help in regularising bowel movements.


Nowadays, people have choice for visiting the best homeo clinic or consult homeopathic doctor online to get the treatment. Some common homeopathic medicines used for the purpose of managing and treating constipation are- bryonia, nux vomica, plumbum, alumina, opium, etc.

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