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Club foot (clubfoot or inherent talipes equinovarus CTEV) is an innate deformation where one foot or both seem to have been pivoted inside at the lower leg. Without treatment, individuals with club feet regularly seem to stroll on their lower legs or on the sides of their feet. A male has the much risk of twice than females, born with clubfoot. And the percentage increases, if a parent who has the club foot since their birth, their children have a higher chance of having a child with the same condition. The hazard is higher if the two guardians have the condition.

There are various treatment methods in the world such as French method, Ponseti method or surgery etc. Homeopathic doctors are medical care experts who have practical experience in the therapeutic treatment of the feet and lower appendages. There was a time when they were known as chiropodists yet are currently by and large known as doctors or podiatrists.

Club Foot Symptoms

• The top point of the foot is typically wound inward and downward, expanding the curve and turning the heel towards inside area.
• The foot might be turned so seriously that it really looks as though it’s topsy turvy.
• The lower leg muscles in the influenced leg are typically immature.
• The influenced foot might be up to 1/2 inch (around 1 centimeter) shorter than the other foot.

Homeopathic doctors can analyze and treat most foot pathologies. Homeopathic podiatry is a term utilized for a podiatrist who utilizes topical phytotherapy (Marigold Therapy), oral homeopathic medications in podiatric management.

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