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What are burns?

Burns are the most common form of injuries, that can be faced by the people in their day to day household activities. Burns can cause mild to severe forms of tissue damage, that results from exposure to heat, long exposure to sun, radiation, any chemical or electrical contact. Burns can be mild or life threatening emergencies.

The treatment required during burns depend upon the site of burn, the part of the body affected and the degree. Burns can cause severe skin damage and the cells of the affected areas die.

Most of the time, people recover from minor burns, without any serious consequences or complications. Minor burns can easily be managed at home, with home remedies. Sunburns and small scalds can also be managed easily at home. For deep and widespread burns, emergency medical intervention may be required, before it causes any life threatening complications


Some of the common causes of burn include-

  • Friction burn- This is caused when the body runs against any rough object, causing friction. Abrasions during motor bike accidents and carpet burns, are examples of friction burn.
  • Cold burns- This is also known as ‘frostbite’, and causes burn in the skin by coming in contact with something very cold.
  • Thermal burns- This happens by coming in contact with a very hot object. Steam, very hot metals, scalding liquids, etc can cause thermal burns.
  • Radiation burns- Radiations produced during X-rays or radiation therapies can cause radiation burns. Sunburns also come in this category.
  • Chemical burns- Chemicals in the detergents, strong acids and solvents can also cause burn, when come in contact with the skin.
  • Electrical burns- This can happen when anyone comes in contact with direct current.

Sign & Symptoms

The sign and symptoms of burns depend upon how deep the tissues are affected, and how much area has been covered. Depending upon these factors, burns can be categorised as-

  • First degree burns- In this type, only the upper epidermis of the skin gets affected. It causes only pain and redness, which subsides in a few hours. It can be managed without any medical intervention.
  • Second degree burns- This type of burn affects both the outer, i.e epidermis and the inner, i.e dermis, layers of the skin. There may be development of blister, with severe pain. In deep second degree burns, scars can be formed.
  • Third degree burns- This type penetrates deep enough to reach the fat layer below the skin. This type of burn destroys nerves and cause numbness in the affected area. The skin may become leathery in texture.


Deep and widespread burns can cause complications like-

  • Bacterial infection, that may cause sepsis
  • Very low blood volume
  • Very low body temperature
  • Breathing difficulties, due to smoke
  • Formation of keloids
  • Bone and joint problems due to contractures in the muscles and tendons


Doctor will asses the condition of the skin, and the degree of burn to decide the treatment required. Doctor may recommend to transfer the patient to burn centre, if there is 10% burn of the total body surface area.

Homeopathic Treatment for Burns

Homeopathy is very effective and helpful for first and second degree burns. However, for third and fourth degree burns, intensive hospital care is necessary.

There are wonderful homeopathic medicines that can be applied externally and internally to give immediate relief in the pain and burning sensation. Homeopathic medicines can also prevent the formation of blisters and promote rapid healing. Homeopathy is also very effective for the after affects of the burn, like the scars and keloids on the affected part.

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