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What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is also known as bipolar disease or manic depression. Person facing this disorder experiences extreme mood swings, which include episodes of emotional highs, marked by mania or hypomania, and episodes of lows, which usually shows signs of depression. Such fluctuations in the energy levels and mood of the person can make it difficult to carry out his day to day activities. The symptoms usually start to show after 25 years of age.

The state of depression can make a person hopeless and loose interest in pleasurable activities, while in the state of mania person may become euphoric, overexcited and irritable. These episodes of mode swings can disturb a person’s life in many aspects like his sleep cycles, judgement abilities, behaviour, energy, etc. It is a serious mental illness and people facing this disorder may have serious impacts on the academic performances, relationships, career prospects, and sometimes even lead to suicide. Homoeopathic medicines are very useful for all mental diseases. Homeopathy specialist doctor for such medical conditions can help anyone combat with such diseases very effectively.

Episodes may last several weeks or months, with a period of stability in between. Some people may have episodes several times in a month, while in others it may be a rare condition. This is commonly diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 25, but can affect a person in any age. It has equal prevalence in males and females.

Types of Bipolar Disorders

There are mainly three types of bipolar disorder

  1. Bipolar I- This type of bipolar disorder is characterised by having at least one manic episode. Person may experience a hypomanic or depressive episode before and after the manic episode. This type equally affects men and women.
  2. Bipolar II- In this type, person experiences at least one major depressive episode, that may last for about 2 weeks. There is usually one hypomanic episode with it, that may last for about 4 days. This type is observed more in women.
  3. Cyclothymia- This type is less severe than bipolar I and bipolar II. Person experiences episodes of hypomania and depression, but for shorter duration and of less severity.


There are many variations in symptoms of bipolar disorders. Some people may have clear episodes of mode swings, in which symptoms of mania may last for a few months followed by the stage of depression, which may again last for a few months. Some people face mixed episodes of both at the same time.

Mania or hypomania

Hypomania is a mental condition in which the person feels emotionally high, but not as high as in mania. Mania is more serious condition, in which person can get involved in some dangerous behaviour.
Symptoms may include:

  • Chances of engaging in a risky behaviour
  • Sense of boredom
  • Believing that he/ she is on the top of the world
  • Belief that nothing is wrong
  • Sometimes getting aggressive
  • Feeling ‘wired’ and restless
  • Excessively self confident, increased sense of self esteem and self- importance
  • Hasty speech, jumping from one topic to another
  • ‘Racing’ thoughts in mind
  • Feeling that one can do anything
  • High libido, which can lead to promiscuity, etc

Depressive symptoms

During this state person may show symptoms like:

  • Sleeping problems
  • Anxiety on trivial things
  • Extreme sadness
  • Feeling of gloom, despair and hopelessness
  • Feeling that everything around is wrong because of them
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Extreme tiredness and fatigue
  • Not enjoying the pleasurable events or things
  • Getting irritated on things or situation that can easily be ignored, like noises, tight clothing, etc
  • Not being able to concentrate for long and forgetting things frequently
  • Declining graph of performance, etc

Homeopathic Treatment for Bipolar Disorders

The holistic approach of treatment in homeopathy can prove very effective in the cases of bipolar disorders. In this approach, a proper case study of the patient is done, interrogating his physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Homeopathic medicine is prescribed after carefully analysing all these symptoms, which is individualised medicine for that particular patient. Patients can get their case study done after consulting the homeopathy specialist doctor for such mental diseases.

Such mental conditions usually have a deep seated cause of the disease. Homeopathic medicines chosen on the holistic concept have ability to penetrate that deep and cure the reason behind the disorder from the roots.

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