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Who isn’t bothered by acne?

It is one of the most terrible skin diseases which makes you go berserk. Be it red skin or blackheads, pustules or even pimples for a matter of fact can cause a lot of stress which makes the breakouts even worse.

Adolescent pupils tend to have a strong case of acne because of enhanced hormonal levels.


Acne can be caused because of blockages in the pores which cause keratin and sebum to increase to levels which can cause a nasty case of breakouts. Lot of folks recommend that you put ice packs on those to get rid of the pain and the redness in general.However, it is not a permanent solution. Ice packs and other home remedies can give you a temporary relief. Nevertheless, it tends to keep coming back because you do not treat it at the source.

Did you know that women are more affected by acne than men? It is possible that you have browsed multiple pages already which talk about the do’s and don’ts during an acne breakout. However, homeopathy has been one of the go to responses for most people who want to cure it at the source and without any side effects. Under such circumstances and requirements, homeopathy comes in super handy. For example,sulphur-based components are effective when it comesto healing skin disorders. Lesions can be colder to touch, but you need to ensure that you do not touch them at all.

Homeopathic Ttreatment for Acne

For teenagers facing acne issues, Homeopathy is one of the most recommended treatments. Warmth tends to make acne worse. But some homeopathic medicines help you lessen the pustules, scars, spots etc in a limited period of time and cures acne from scratch. Sicilia is effective when it comes to curing surface-basedinfections, which are caused because you touched your acne with dirty and sweaty hands.

There might be instances where there might be severe pus formation and patient can tend to feel cold which is not a great sign. In such circumstances, homeopathic doctors recommend symptom-based medications which help them get rid of the obvious symptoms in a short time. For acne treatment you can consult Dr Choudhary personally or online.

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