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Chronic and Acute Diseases

Homeopathy is equally effective in both chronic and acute diseases
One of the myths about homoeopathy is that it is only effective in chronic ailments, but the fact is, it is equally
good for acute cases as-well and relieves as rapidly and effectively as any other conventional medicines. This
fact has been proven by homeopaths and testified by patients all over the world.
It is important to understand how we categorise acute and chronic conditions. Acute diseases are severe and
sudden in onset which runs a short course and then suddenly subsides. Most of the acute diseases are selflimiting in nature. Colds, influenza, cystitis, pneumonia, acute otitis media, most of the bacterial infections ; viral
diseases like measles, chickenpox, and any traumatic injuries are all included in acute conditions. Name any
acute disease and homeopathy is capable of relieving them in the most safe, gentle and effective manner from
the roots, except any surgical emergencies. Even in conditions like fractures homoeopathy has miraculous
remedies which accelerates reunion of bones with relief in pain and inflammation.
As we know that everything that our body does during any medical condition is a defensive response to save our
body, like : watering of nose, formation of cough during cold and coryza or formation of pus etc are all defensive
mechanism of our body to restrict the further growth of infective organism. Suppression of these might lead to
another course of disease in the body and make you feel more unwell mentally and physically. Homeopathy
works on the laws of nature, it never forces body to suppress its defensive mechanisms and help arousing the
inner natural healing power to get rid of the infection. Homoeopathy has effective pain killers too and they not
only relieve pain but also work on its root cause.
There are diseases that are initially in acute form but as they progress they change into chronic conditions like
some types of fungal infections, skin diseases, fractures that might lead to disabilities, allergies, appendicitis, any
neurological pain, any nerve or muscle injury , etc. It needs to be understood that most of the time when diseases
become chronic it is the negligence of the patient and the care takers. Seeing doctor at the right time and taking
regular medications might prevent any acute disease to progress to chronic forms. Most of the patients do not
choose homoeopathy as their first choice of treatment and come to a homeopath when the case has complicated
or changed into its chronic form. If people show trust in this pathy from very starting of any acute condition,
they can be cured at that stage only in short time and diseases will not complicate further.
Chronic diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, endocrine dysfunction, eczema, chronic allergies,
cancer, etc which have a very slow progression also take a long time to cure. Homoeopathy has been known to
do wonders in such cases. The effects of this pathy starts where the scope of conventional medicines end.
Last but not the least, it is advised to choose homoeopathy as the first choice of treatment in acute diseases as it
relieves the symptoms in most natural ways and does not let it progress to chronic forms. In chronic diseases
homoeopathy is already known for doing wonders.

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