AVI Homeopathy , Vyas Apartment (A-block) , Kumbha Marg , Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj).

"AVI Homeopathic Clinic" is one of the renowned names in providing effective Homeopathic treatment. AVI Homeopathic Hospital & Research Center is a reputed name that has been serving the people with its top-notch treatments services that can put an end to all your health problems. We are always committed to providing satisfactory & effective treatment to the patients.

Homeopathic approach is more holistic and individualistic thus, it is widely preferred by the individuals. Homeopathy is a logical, scientific, safe, quick and extremely effective method of treatment. The result obtained by homeopathy treatment is long lasting & permanent. Homeopathy helps in treating the disease from its roots thus, fully cures most of the ailments. It does not treat the ailments superficially by just removing the symptoms but cures the patients from within.

While providing treatment, we look at the genetic, physical, emotional and other factors and treat the disease accordingly. So far, we have treated thousands of patients who were suffering from chronic, genetic and incurable diseases. We have cured hundreds of patients by our medicines only, who were advised surgery. We are known for our commitment and have thousands of satisfied patients.

We are efficient in treating chronic diseases like skin diseases, allergies, migraine, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, sciatica, slip disc, backache, arthritis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, adenoids, impotency, sterility, menstrual disorder, leucorrhoea, PCOD, fibroid in uterus etc. We have also started online consultation for distant patients.

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