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Eczema is a reaction pattern that the skin produces in a number of diseases. It begins as red, raised tiny blisters containing a clear fluid atop red, elevated plaques. When the blisters break, the affected skin will weep and ooze. In older eczema, chronic eczema, the blisters are less prominent and the skin is thickened, elevated, and scaling.


Symptoms of eczema vary widely from person to person, but some common features always persist, like:

The skin is very dry skin with severe itching, especially at night.  Thickened, cracked, scaly skin is seen.  Skin becomes raw, sensitive, swollen after scratching.

Eczema most often begins before the age 5 and may persist into adolescence and adulthood. For some people, it flares periodically and then clears up for a time, even for several years.


Eczema is related to a gene variation that affects the skin’s ability to provide this protection. This allows your skin to be affected by environmental factors, irritants and allergens.

In some persons, food allergy also plays a vital role in producing eczema.


Complications of eczema include some serious health issues such as: asthma and hay fever, chronic itchy, scaly skin, repeated infection. The itching and scratching can interfere with the sleep and cause serious sleep problems.


One of the most effective ways to treat eczema is with homoeopathy. This is holistic approach that treats the person as whole. At AVI homoeopathy, we assure patients with a complete cure and also protection against further recurrence. As homoeopathic medicines are safe to use, they can be given to the babies as well as old persons. By choosing homoeopathic treatment for a case of eczema you not get to cure but also can gain proper healthy condition, as homoeopathy medicines always acts as a whole. We have no records of failure case in case of treating eczema.