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Delayed milestone in children and Homeopathy

After the birth of a child, there are some parameters which are expected during the growth and development of a child. Though these parameters may have little variations. These developments are known as development signs or milestones. Many children reach some of these milestones at different times than normal. Delayed milestone, also called developmental delays, is used to describe the condition where a child does not reach one of these stages at the expected age. When a child does not reach at one of these stages at the expected age, then these development delays are known as delayed milestones.


Every child develops in a unique way with his/ her own pace. Minor and temporary delays are usually of no concern, but an ongoing delay or multiple delays in reaching expected milestones can lead to some issues later in life. Development delay may cause any or all delay in reaching language, thinking, and motor skills milestones.

The cause of the developmental delay is always not known and it may be caused by a variety of reasons, including heredity, problems/ complications during pregnancy, and premature birth. If you suspect your child has developmental delay, consult your doctor. Early diagnosis will help you to understand and treat your child.

Homeopathy has a good result in treating delayed milestone child and that too with marvelous results. In my practice, I rarely got a failure in treating delayed milestone children, though results may vary depending on the gravity.


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