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Dr. Ashok Chaudhary

Head of AVI Hospital
Child Specialist
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About Me

Dr. Chaudhary is a well-famous name in homeopathy world when it comes to child specialist. He treats the congenital and chronic child diseases efficiently. He does miracles when the other doctors claim a disease incurable. Earlier he used to consult every type patient but now he is totally focused on child disease as he gets marvelous results in both congenital and incurable disease treatment.

He consults about the children diseases like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Coeliac disease, Down Syndrome, Thalassemia, Congenital Heart Defects, Club Foot, Spina Bifida, Tonsillitis, Skin Disease, Allergy, Stammering, Phobias, Retarded Physical Growth, ADHD, Intellectual Disability (ID) and much more.

A few years back he used to treat every type of patient as usually happens in homeopathic practice but since 2010 when he cured an autistic child (Son of a surgeon). He started focusing on child disease and now he has become an ideal name among the child specialist.

He does not make big claims in treating these childhood diseases but he believes that it is better if he could bring even some relief to those innocents and could help them to live a quality life.

His medicines not only treat the patient but also improve the immunity system of the children without any side effect.

When talking about the families, who face a long distance for their children, Dr. Chaudhary is providing an online consultancy where you can contact us instantly for any kind of consultancy. You can send us sick child’s problem or video (if necessary), we can help you through the online way. Don’t hesitate to contact us as we are here to make you relax about your children.



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Being in a customer-centric industry, we work single-mindedly with the vision of being the leader of healthcare provider across child ages and society such that we are synonymous as the ultimate health care choice for children. Ever since its inception, it has been working to get the best technology and the best of talent to foster excellence in patient care and treatment at an affordable price to all.


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